"I never knew such a mean mother as I am," she said, "I haven't any thinkery at all, worth mentioning. If your grandmother, my dear, should leave me out, till my hair soaked off say, sister," she broke off suddenly to ask "what keeps our hair on?" Ethelwyn never at a loss for an answer, said promptly, "Dust, child"

That bullet scraped so near his thinkery that it may have addled it. It was an awful close shave." "Better talk to the Surgeon," said they. "Glancing bullets sometimes hurt worse'n they seem to." "No, the bullet didn't hurt Shorty, any more than make a scratch," said the Surgeon cheerfully when Si laid the case before him. "I examined him carefully.

"Colonel," said Shorty's voice out of the darkness, "I've brung you one o' the rebel scouts that was piroutin' out there. I don't know as you kin make much out o' him, though, for the welt I fetched him with my gun bar'l seems to've throwed his thinkery out o' gear, and he can't talk straight."

"I haven't any," said Beth, feeling her short brown curls cautiously for fear they would come off. "It's small in small persons, and big in big persons," said Ethelwyn, with a patient air of having given much thought to the subject. "Ho!" said Beth. "Well if Ariminta's going to be dry for Billy Boy's funeral, I'll have to dry her in the oven." But alas! for Beth's "thinkery not worth mentioning!"

"And so you got the other one," Si started to say to his partner, but then he remembered Shorty's "flarin' up," and held his tongue. "I don't imagine that his 'thinkery, as you call it, was of much account when it was in order, if it was no better than this other man's," said the Colonel, with a smile. "Perhaps, if he could think better he wouldn't be in the rebel army.

"It will do you good, I trust," said her mother. "It'll improve my thinkery, I hope," said Beth. A heartache when the heart is young, Seems quite too big to bear; But when it ends in laughter, Away goes every care. When they started to return the next day, Beth in triumph mounted Ninkum.