The mate of a St. John coaster gave him to me last fall. I call him Captain Nemo. He's death on rats; and there's some on the island this year. Must have come ashore from a schooner wrecked there in the winter. Another thing! Got any gun?" "No." "Then there's my ten-gauge." He indicated a double-barreled shot-gun standing in the corner.

Maybe my mamma will let me play with you if you are a nice boy." "I jus' soon come play with you. If you play soldiers.... My pa 's the smartest man in Joralemon. He builded Alex Johnson's house. He's got a ten-gauge gun." "Oh.... My mamma 's a widow." Carl hung by his arms from the gate-pickets while she breathed, "M-m-m-m-m-m-y!" in admiration at the feat. "That ain't nothing.

There are many good types and a man is naturally inclined to favor those with which he is familiar. We also carried shot guns, one ten-gauge which, with buck shot, makes a formidable weapon for stopping charges of soft-skinned animals at close range; and two twenty-gauge Parkers for bird shooting. In addition, we included revolvers, none of which we fired or needed at any time in Africa.

Above and around was the continued whistle of wings as the wildfowl, with their strange, early-morning persistence, insisted on returning to the spot whence they had been so lately disturbed. A movement shook the boat as Mr. Kincaid arose to his feet. Bang! Bang! spoke both barrels of the ten-gauge. "Two," said Mr. Kincaid in his natural voice.

One by one the discarded creep back into the list. And by the opening of next season you have made toward perfection by only the little space of a mackintosh coat and a ten-gauge gun. But in the years to come you learn better and better the simple woods lesson of substitution or doing without.

Especially had he been in quest of the famed jungle butterfly, a foot across from wing-tip to wing-tip, as velvet-dusky of lack of colour as was the gloom of the roof, of such lofty arboreal habits that it resorted only to the jungle roof and could be brought down only by a dose of shot. It was for this purpose that Sagawa had carried the ten-gauge shot-gun.

"One of the gyards is loadin' a ten-gauge Greener a whole mouthful of buckshot in each shell. He's grinnin' at Silver Phil as he shoves the shells in the gun an' slams her shet. "'Which I'm loadin' that weepon for you, says the gyard, contemplatin' Silver Phil derisive. "'You be, be you! replies Silver Phil, his eyes burnin' with rage.

'Which you better look out a whole lot; you-all may get it yourse'f. "The gyard laughs ugly an' exasperatin' an' puts the ten-gauge in a locker along with two or three Winchesters. Then he turns the key on the firearms an' goes caperin' off to his feed. "The other gyard, his compadre, is settin' on a stool lookin' out a window. Mebby he's considerin' of his sins.