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Peter Stolypin misled me, as you see according to his letter. I am but one of his many victims, and I desire to expose him." "H'm!" grunted Rasputin, who, having ascertained that no monetary consideration was forthcoming, was not particularly interested in the affair. He never did anything without reward.

It is said that M. Stolypin, the late premier of Russia, once half apologized In the Duma for the slowness of his reforms, saying that he Was like a man shooting with a flintlock musket; to which one of the Liberal members replied that it was not a question of weapons, but of aim, and that if his Excellency was to go on shooting at the people, it would be better if he went on using flintlocks.

In the monk's den Stürmer, chatting about Stolypin and the vindictive woman who had come to Petrograd to destroy him for he was one of the paid servants of Potsdam, and in consequence knew most of the secrets said: "Have you, Father, ever met a Jew named Bagrov?" "Never to my knowledge. Why?"

He has, I hear, fallen in love with the woman Baltz, who hails from Samara." "Well?" asked the saint. "Well? nothing," laughed the man with the goat-beard. "I simply tell you what I know. There is a plot that is all! And as far as I can discern the swifter Stolypin leaves the Court, the easier it will be for Her Majesty and ourselves eh?

As a fact, there were many other things interesting about Stolypin besides his necktie: his policy of peasant proprietorship, his extraordinary personal courage, and certainly none more interesting than that movement in his death agony, when he made the sign of the cross towards the Czar, as the crown and captain of his Christianity.

It would, however, be flagrantly untrue to suggest that those three States enjoyed a monopoly of racial intolerance; for the ideas on nationality which dominated official Russia under the old absolutist régime and which so rapidly regained the upper hand under Stolypin and the triumphant bureaucracy, struck at the very root of tolerance and political liberty.

THE murder of Stolypin, though unsuspected by the chancelleries of Europe, was, as I have explained, the work of the Hidden Hand of Germany.

I simply go flying to the roof, I don't know how many times and look and look and look." Finland 1906. "But believe me liberalism abroad is quite different from here and there is so much bad in it here. I don't think there is much hope for Russia. I don't believe we have that in the character to maintain a nation." "What a terrible thing the attempt to kill Stolypin.

While Stolypin is daily with the Emperor there is hourly danger for us." "In that I certainly agree," declared Rasputin. "We must be watchful very watchful." We remained alert all of us. That same night Rasputin informed the Empress of the secret plot of the black-haired Vera and her lover Bagrov. The Court left for the Crimea next day, and Rasputin travelled with the Imperial family.

The monk grinned meaningly. "Her Majesty is taking precautions," he replied evasively. "Possibly Stolypin has discovered the reason you travelled to Berlin a month ago. I have an idea that you were watched by the Okhrana." "Do you really think so?" gasped the German in quick apprehension. "Why do you suspect?" "From something whispered to me a week ago."