He himself put the crown on his head: "King here in my own right, after all!" and looked his royalest, we may fancy; the kind eyes of him almost partly fierce for moments, and "the cheerfulness of pride" well blending with something of awful.

The thought of that gruesome weapon, more frightful than the unsheathed claws of the royalest Bengal tiger, hanging over the head of his chosen among women, stung Dick Bellamy to very unceremonious removal of the body, which, after rifling it of a handful of cartridges, he flung by the roadside; and then, lest Amaryllis should see the awful head again, even in death, he covered the whole corpse with an overcoat of Melchard's from the car.

Three died during the summer, but blessedly, being the first of all their people in all time to enter heaven. A great salvation!" He looked at the forest and mountains, the sands, the Guaricos, as at a city he was besieging. "Ha!" said Father Buil, and with his missionaries moved up the beach. Luis and I began to talk. "No need to tell me that Spain gave you welcome!" "The royalest ever!

Nothing small would ever again appeal to Paul. His whole outlook was vaster and more full of wide thoughts. And then among the other emotions in his breast came one of deep gratitude to her. For, apart from her love, had she not given him the royalest gift which mankind could receive an awakened soul? Like her story of Undine it had truly been born with that first long kiss.

Then Laeg clasped his comrade's knees, and said, "Take the road, dear master, against the royalest dun in all Meath, but pass by that dun. The men are not alive to-day who at any time approached it with warlike intent. Those who dwell there are sorcerers and enchanters, lords of all the arts of poison and of war."

I must correct my expression: he had no intent of failing when he borrowed; and did not spend his money on himself. Nevertheless, I gave him as an example of frankness; but by no means of honesty. He is simply the boldest and royalest of Free Riders; the campaign of Crecy is, throughout, a mere pillaging foray.

There they said to Lucius, "Certainly he is a lord to be feared, for his estate is the royalest that ever we saw, and in his person he is the most manly man that liveth, and is likely to conquer all the world, for unto his courage it is too little; wherefore we advise you to keep well your marches and straits in the mountains."