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But when the King heard of it he assembled a great host, and sent to the Cid, bidding him come and aid him. And the Cid went to Requena, believing that he should meet the King there; but the King went another way, and the Cid not knowing this tarried some days in Requena expecting him, because that was the road.

X. Then the Cid rose and said, Thanks be to God and to you, Sir King, I have recovered my swords Colada and Tizona, I have now another demand against the Infantes of Carrion, King Don Alfonso, you well know that it was your pleasure to bid me meet you at Requena, and I went there in obedience to your command.

Requena was the only town of strength that lay in the way; the rich country would have afforded ample provision and means of transport, and these the friendly portion of the people would have placed at the disposal of the army. In the whole of Central Spain there was no force which could oppose him.

After incessant labor in organizing his force, the earl sent two thousand men, under the command of Lieutenant General Wyndham, to besiege the towns of Requena and Cuenca two places of some strength which blocked the road between Valencia and Madrid.

At length they were all on their feet, gesticulating and prancing. "Mother of God!" cried Requena. "Let us give Vallejo a taste of his own cruelty. Let us put him in a temascal and set those of his Indian victims who are still alive to roast him out " "No! no! Vallejo is maligned. He had no hand in that massacre. His heart is whiter than an angel's " "It is his liver that is white.

With the exception of Alvarado, Castro, and Estenega, the members of the Junta were men of middle age, and represented the talent of California, Jimeno, Gonzales, Arguëllo, Requena, Del Valle. Their dark, bearded faces, upturned to the stars, made a striking set of profiles, but the effect was marred by the silk handkerchiefs they had tied about their heads.

At the end of three months, when she took courage to make the first steps, the taking of Requena and that of Saragossa had already thrown into the shade the battle of Almanza. Clarice showed the prince's letter. The secretary replied that with such a letter she could not fail in obtaining what she wanted, but that she must wait for his highness's return.

And the Count seeing that he could not abide there in the Cid's despite, broke up the siege and went his way by Requena, for he would not pass through Zaragoza.

Peterborough had taken Requena, and wished to march from Valencia towards Madrid, and to effect a junction with Galway; but the Archduke refused his consent to the plan.

Ega was the headquarters of the great scientific commission, which met in the years from 1781 to 1791 to settle the boundaries between the Spanish and Portuguese territories in South America. The chief commissioner for Spain, Don Francisco Requena, lived some time in the village with his family.