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And a young man named Bartol took a blind leap into unknown darkness, all alone " "Not alone," Bart said as if to himself, "it took two men called Briscoe. And my father. And a couple of Raynors. And even a man called Montano, because without that, I'd never have decided "

"Oh, I guess I can help you," exclaimed the woman, when he had finished. "Maybe he is the young fellow who is staying at the Raynors'. I heard about it last Sunday at church." "About it? About what?" Roy's face grew pale. The woman looked a little uncomfortable. "Don't be too anxious," she replied. "He must be better now if he could send a message. But he's had the intermittent fever.

Do that, and when you have found out all you can from Jimmy, let me know." Miles promised to attend to this, but since he had fallen in with Rex, his desire to hunt up his parents seemed not as strong as it had been. He went back to the Raynors enthusiastic over his visit, and talked of it for weeks afterward. Meanwhile Roy and Rex settled down to their school life.

He was found on the piazza of the house one rainy evening about ten days ago by Florence Raynor. A trampish looking young fellow had carried him in out of the wet, and they say he's been devoted to him ever since." "Where do the Raynors live?" asked Roy, already impatient to be off. "Come here to the window and I can show you the house. It is clear at the end of this street beyond all the others.

He hurried off to the station to write his dispatch and came back as quickly to the Raynors'. He recollected that he had not yet seen the Miles of whom Rex spoke, the fellow who could tell him the continuation of his brother's adventures. He asked Florence, whom he found on the lawn, where he could find Miles. "He's out in the field now," she replied, "digging potatoes. But it's almost twelve.

Tommy wanted to know everything, and both Raynors wanted to know every detail of Bart's year among the Lhari, while Meta and Ringg were both curious about how it had begun. Bart tried to forget that the next day might bring trouble, even imprisonment. The Lhari Council had told him to talk as much as he liked about his voyage, and this might be his only chance.

Dana till we meet at the church. Afterward, I'll risk the meeting!" Some two months after the accident the programme was carried out. But the Raynors had remained at the farm-house till the appointed day, the young people growing all the while so distractingly fond of each other, that the really short time seemed to drag with leaden wings.

The horrible part was only the way they were trying to keep it secret." Ringg interrupted, "Do not judge the Lhari by them, Raynor Three," and Raynor Three said in good Lhari, "I don't, feathertop. Raynors have been working with Lhari since the days of Rhazon of Nedrus. But I wanted an open, official statement of Lhari policy not secret murders by fanatics.

Your mother never said much about your Mentorian family tree, I suppose? She was a Raynor." He smiled at Bart, a little ruefully. "I won't claim a kinsman's privileges until you decide how much to trust me." Raynor Three settled back. "It's a long story and I only know part of it," he began. "Our family, the Raynors, have traded with the Lhari for more generations than I can count.

He wiped them, trying to steady himself. Had he so soon reached the end of his dangerous quest? Somehow he had expected it to lie in deep, dark concealment. Raynor One. The existence of Raynor One presupposed a Raynor Two and probably a Raynor Three for all he knew, Raynors Four, Five, Six, and Sixty-six! The building looked solid and real. It had evidently been there a long time.