This difference between the first and second articles, between reformation and extirpation, proveth that the covenant doth suppose that the church government formerly used in the church of England, in so far as it was a church government, is not eatenus to be abolished, but in so far as it was a corrupt church government, that is, prelatical. 3.

The slanderer is plainly a fool, because he maketh wrong judgments and valuations of things, and accordingly driveth on silly bargains for himself, in result whereof he proveth a great loser.

And he named it by the name of the Hill of Kronos; for theretofore it was without name, when Oinomaos was king, and it was sprinkled with much snow . And at this first-born rite the Fates stood hard at hand, and he who alone proveth sure truth, even Time.

And further, all created beings are limited, and this very limitation of all beings proveth the reality of the Limitless; for the existence of a limited being denoteth the existence of a Limitless One. To sum it up, there are many such proofs, establishing the existence of that Universal Reality.

So is it now that all holy men agree, and all the scripture is full, and our own experience proveth before our eyes, that we are not come into this wretched world to dwell here. We have not, as St. Paul saith, our dwelling-city here, but we are seeking for the city that is to come. And St.

For 'hope that is seen, is not hope; for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? Hope lives not by sight, as faith doth; but hope trusteth faith, as faith trusts the Word, and so bears up the soul in a patient expectation at last to enjoy what God has promised. But I say, the very natural work of this grace proveth, that the believer's best things are behind in reversion.

And, to crown the business, it perhaps proveth at last a story the company hath heard fifty times before; or, at best, some insipid adventure of the relater.

"Surely, man surely," replied the king "but a sight of your father, with his long whinyard, would have been a blithe matter a short while syne; and in future we will aid the ends of Providence in our favour, by keeping near us two stout beef-eaters of the guard. And so this Olifaunt is a Puritan? not the less like to be a Papist, for all that for extremities meet, as the scholiast proveth.

Patrick's wittily and logically expresseth it, That without which a thing is not, Is CAUSA SINE QUA NON. The work, therefore, is unto me as a child is to a parent; in the which child, if it proveth worthy, the parent hath honour and praise; but, if otherwise, the disgrace will deservedly attach to itself alone. I have only further to intimate, that Mr.

These are the reasons by which he proveth that there is 'none righteous, no, not one. And the reasons are weighty, for by them he proves the tree is not good; how then can it yield good fruit? Now, as he concludes from these five reasons that not one indeed is righteous, so he concludes by five more that none can do good to make him so 1.