"Oh, it ain't much," he said, smiling and holding on to my hand very tightly; "but it pringles and sticks a bit, I mean stingles no, I don't! My tongue's getting all in a knot, it tingles and pricks a bit. I say, Gnat, old chap, you don't think those chaps carry poisoned knives, do you?" "What, like the Malays? Oh no." "I'm glad of that, because it made me feel a bit funky.

The seats at the other end of the court are occupied by people like the Pringles, those who are just eligible for invitations to my parties, but have, so to speak, no social position to spare. They always remind me of St. Paul's "righteous" who "scarcely are saved."

The truth is, the Poteets, and the Pringles, and the Hightowers of Hog Mountain had their own notions of what constituted Union men. They desired to stay in the United States on their own terms. If nobody pestered them, they pestered nobody. Meanwhile league Poteet's baby had grown to be a thumping girl, and hardly a day passed that she did not accompany her father in his excursions.

The fact is, Excellency, I couldn't very well stay at home. You remember," here his voice sunk to a whisper "what I told you about the Pringles." "Your bank account?" "No. Not that. The girl, I mean. Tottie Pringle." "Oh yes, I remember." "Well, old Pringle began to get offensive. He seemed to think that I ought to you know." "Marry her? I expect you ought."

His next remark showed me that Nicholson and Blackett were becoming uneasy. "By the way, Excellency," he said, "I'd be glad if you'd be civil to the Pringles this afternoon. Get her tea or something." Mr. Pringle is the manager of the branch of the bank in which Godfrey keeps his account.

It was fixed for Wednesday, and invitations were sent out. I discovered afterwards that Godfrey told his particular friends that they were to have the honour of meeting a real millionaire. In the case of the Pringles he went so far as to hint that Conroy was very likely to give him a lucrative post.

Puss asked no questions. She went and stood by Teague, and toyed gently with one of Sis's curls. "Sis don't take airter none er the Pringles," she said after a while, by way of explanation. "They hain't never bin a day when I couldn't look at Teague 'thout battin' my eyes, an' ma use to say she 'uz thes that away 'bout pap.

"Go on," Chuck said again. "You go into the room and get Don and " Phyllis paused; the window seemed at a dizzy height now that she thought of it as a descent for Don. "I'll take him downstairs and straight out the front door," Chuck exclaimed. "I'd like to see a dozen Miss Pringles stop me."

I am not solicitous about this, only if I were worthy I would pray God for a sudden death, and no interregnum between I cease to exercise reason and I cease to exist. The Scotts of Harden, Pringles of Stitchill, and Russells of Ashestiel, are all here; I am scarce fit for company though. January 2. Held a great palaver with the Scotts, etc.

MOTHER. And you tipped over in turning round! Oh, what an accident! AMANDA. And the little boys where are they? Are they killed? ELIZABETH ELIZA. The little boys are all safe. We left them at the Pringles', with Solomon John. MOTHER. But what did happen? MRS. PETERKIN. We started the wrong way. MOTHER. You lost your way, after all? ELIZABETH ELIZA. No; we knew the way well enough.