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The Nine Gods who meet Bata are one of the great cycles of divinities, which were differently reckoned in various places. Khnumu is always the formative god, who makes man upon the potter's wheel, as in the scene in the temple of Luqsor. And even in natural birth it was Khnumu who "gave strength to the limbs," as in the earlier "Tales of the Magicians."

Never had she been so kind, so cheerful, and so helpful, and Mary Potter's nature warmed into happy content in her society. No one should rashly accuse Miss Lavender if there was a little design in this. The task she had set herself to attempt was both difficult and delicate.

Not that he cares Cohen's friends are among the best men in London, especially the better grade of theatrical people, whose clothes he has made and whose purses he has kept full yes and whom he sometimes had to bury to keep them out of Potter's field; and those he knows here his kind of people, I mean, not yours." "All in his line of business, Uncle Peter," Jack laughed.

Well, this is one needy time; now thy hedge is low, now thy branch is tender, now thou art but in the bud. Pray that thou be not marred in the potter's hand. O HOW happy is he who is not only a visible, but also an invisible saint! He shall not be blotted out the book of God's eternal grace and mercy.

Sullivan!" he exclaimed. "Oh, it's you, is it, Dexter!" remarked the politician. "Are you following me? Are you spying on me? If you are I'll have you arrested!" "I'm not following you or spying on you!" retorted Larry. "But you seem to be hiding here. What do you want? What are you in front of Mr. Potter's house for?"

Another lull, and then as I was leaving the room to give the matter a little quiet attention, I remarked to the boat-maker: "Outside of his foolish giving, you haven't anything against Charlie Potter, have you?" "Not a thing," he replied, in apparent astonishment. "Charlie Potter's one of the best men that ever lived. He's a good man." I smiled at the inconsistency and went my way.

This was none too pleasant a greeting for the disguised prince, but he put on a serene countenance, and asked the man whether he had always lived at that place. "No," said the hostler. "I was born in Exeter, and was hostler in an inn there near Mr. Potter's, a great merchant of that town." "Then you must have seen me at Mr. Potter's," said Charles. "I lived with him over a year."

Potter's return, was discouraging. "That story's a fake," he decided, as he prepared to telephone in the result of his morning's work. "I'll prove it is, too, and make them take back-water." Larry's story of the trip to the steamship offices was not very interesting reading, for it was but a record of failure.

"Seriously, though," said a bearded man opposite, who always broke into everything with "seriously though," or else, "all joking aside," and had thereby gained a reputation for conservatism and soundness "seriously, though, it must have been a great experience to take charge of the rehearsal of such a company as Talbot Potter's." "Tell us how it felt, Canby, old boy," said another.

It was with awe that this mystic correspondence between mind and mind was made plain to me. One man out of this myriad-bodied humanity had sought me out, and in his presence I was never more to be alone. The gigantic shadow of self passed from me; I was as clay in the potter's hands! At length Herbert spoke.

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