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The recreation-bell rang, and the novices clattered down the stairs of the novitiate, their childish eagerness rousing Evelyn from the mild stupor which still seemed to hang about her mind; and she smiled at the novices and at herself, for suddenly it had all begun to seem to her like a scene in a play, herself going to take the white veil and to become a nun, at all events, for a while.

During the six days' novitiate of a baby-flock five other such flocks have been formed: so that, somewhat remotely round about the main pen at the bed-ground of each flock, there are six baby-flocks, with their pens and herders and several little prison-pens for unnatural mothers, with other little pens in which mothers bereft by death of their proper children are confined with the extra twin lambs of prolific ewes, clad in the lost ones' skins, in the sure hope that they will adopt them.

For married women in the novitiate period a new prefix would have to be invented, which they would retain if the union were dissolved. Mrs would be the distinguishing prefix of women who had entered on the final and permanent state of matrimony. Whether the wife would take the husband’s surname during the probationary term would be another question for decision by the majority; I

There is wisdom in M. Brunetière's assertion that "just as obedience is the apprenticeship of command, so is imitation the novitiate of originality."

"Would I had Tom Laverick here," replied our novitiate; "he would sing your anthems like a sea-mew a had been a clerk a-shore many's the time and often I've given him a rope's end for singing psalms in the larboard watch.

To my question as to how the nondescript should be classified he said: 'My boy, there are now two of us who know that. This incident of the fish made an end of my novitiate.

In all the long history of literature there is no record of any other author who served so severe a novitiate. Douglas Jerrold once said of a certain British author who had begun to publish very young that "he had taken down the shutters before he had anything to put up in the shop window." From being transfixt by such a jibe Maupassant was preserved by Flaubert.

She wanted to show Vanno, if he still thought of her, that others burned incense to her beauty, though he had not placed her on an altar. The discomforts of the Villa Bella Vista mattered little to the girl who had gone through a hard novitiate in a Scotch convent. She made her own bed and dusted her room.

"The Pope and the War," "Quebec and the War," "The Guelph Novitiate Incident," are recent instances of what we refer to. Some may object that the Catholics are of a rather susceptible nature and always expect "privileges" No, we only want the privileges of truth, we mean fair play, equality, and justice. What we say of the Press can also be said of periodical literature and modern fiction.

What a wonderful thing it was to be rich. Vance led the way through lanes of shining tables, at which were seated parties of two, three, four, five, or six. The air of assurance and dignity about it all was exceedingly noticeable to the novitiate.