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There is less of unity in higher education now than there was before the classical studies and "the three R's" lost their supremacy. Our common school course has become a batch of miscellanies. We are in danger of overloading pupils, as well as of making a superficial hodge-podge of all branches.

So thoroughly has he explained his intention in the Prefaces to the Miscellanies, and to the book itself, that it is difficult to comprehend how Scott could fail to see his drift. Possibly, like some others, he found the subject repugnant and painful to his kindly nature.

From the Literary Magazine, 1756. There are other reviews of books by Dr. Johnson, in this magazine, but, in general, very short, and consisting chiefly of a few introductory remarks, and an extract. That on Mrs. Harrison's Miscellanies maybe accounted somewhat interesting, from the notice of Dr. Watts. Written by Mr. Tytler, of Edinburgh. Printed in the Gentleman's Magazine, October, 1760.

The Stromata, or Miscellanies, of S. Clement are our source of information about the Mysteries in his time. He himself speaks of these writings as a "miscellany of Gnostic notes, according to the true philosophy," and also describes them as memoranda of the teachings he had himself received from Pantænus.

John were in power, and the famous social and political troubles which began with Wood's halfpence. The text of this letter is practically that of the first edition; but I have collated this with the texts given by Hawkesworth, Scott, the first volume of the "Miscellanies" of 1728, and the second volume of the "Miscellanies" of 1745.

Maxims, Characters, and Sentiments, after the manner of Bruyere, collected out of ancient authors, particularly the Greek, with Apophthegms. Classical Miscellanies, select translations from ancient Greek and Latin authors. Lives of Illustrious Persons, as well of the active as the learned, in imitation of Plutarch. Judgment of the learned upon English Authors.

%History of the Conquest of Peru.% With a Preliminary view of the Civilisation of the Incas. By WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT, Esq. Portraits, Maps, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, half Calf, $5 00; Sheep extra, $4 50; Muslin, $4 00. %Biographical and Critical Miscellanies.% Containing Notices of Charles Brockden Brown, the American Novelist. Asylum for the Blind. Irving's Conquest of Grenada. Cervantes. Sir W. Scott.

As the native and stripped deformity of vice is perhaps not often fully apprehended and certainly is very seldom exposed in our own age, Fielding, by the very sincerity and fire of his morality, doubtless loses many a modern reader. It is in the third volume of the Miscellanies, a volume completely occupied by Jonathan Wild, that Fielding first fully reveals himself as public moralist.

Creech had a party formed for him, who ventured to prefer him to Mr. Dryden, in point of genius. Mr. Dryden himself highly commended his Lucretius, and in his preface to the second volume of Poetical Miscellanies thus characterises it. 'I now call to mind what I owe to the ingenious, and learned translator of Lucretius.

The present volume of his miscellanies contains not only his essays and reviews, but his four lectures on "Alexandria and her Schools," and his "Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers."