"Maybe you'll think the fire isn't thoroughly distributed, but that's got to do for bread," he remarked severely, as if in reply to some objection. The Boy saw that something he had said or looked had been misinterpreted. "Hey? Too much fire outside, and not enough in? Well, sir, I'll trust my stomach to strike a balance. Guess the heat'll get distributed all right once I've swallowed it."

That's the starter's bell. Yes we'll score now the fus' heat'll be our wuss. They've got it in fur us they'll set the pace an' try to shet us out an', likely es not, do it. God he'p us Shiloh Cap'n Tom it's only for them, Ben Butler fur them. Clang clang-clang! vigorously. The starter was calling them back.

Perhaps heat'll ease the pain a bit." "I'll be as quick as I can," said Huldah, eagerly, turning to hurry downstairs. "Is there anything else?" "Oh my, yes! there's the fowls; they'll be wanting their breakfast. It's all put ready for them in a pan in the scullery, if you'll give it to them. Don't let them out into the garden." "I'll see to that," said Huldah, cheerfully.

It was mid-day and the sun was scorching; there was not a breath of air. She was exhausted and dripping with perspiration. Then her heart seemed to stop and she fell to the ground, unable to move or think. A wagon coming up behind her passed by. "This heat'll kill one," shouted the driver. In a half conscious state she caught his words.

I'm sure I'll get along fine here as much as this awful heat'll let me. They sure weren't kidding when they said it was hot here. And I want to assure you, sir, that I'll work hard and tend strictly to business nothing else." The superintendent was becoming more mollified and less fearful by the second.

He seemed to regard himself as a third person, and this is the way he told it, heat by heat: "Fus' heat, Ben Butler Now if we can manage to save our distance an' leave the flag a few yards, we'll be doin' mighty well. Long time since you stretched them ole muscles of yo's in a race long time an' they're tied up and sore. Ever' heat'll be a wuck out to you till you git hot.