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He at length returned with the news that he had seen nobody. The matter was not so remarkable as far as Halbert Glendinning was concerned, for, patient alike of want and of fatigue, it was no uncommon circumstance for him to remain in the wilds till curfew time.

Casting his eyes once more around the circle, which was now augmented by one or two of the reformed preachers, he seemed to devour his rage in silence, and again commanded Halbert to proceed.

By the rock and the river the banners they bear, And their battle-staves quiver 'neath halbert and spear; On the hill's brow they gather, and hang o'er the Dale As the clouds of the Father hang, laden with bale. Down shineth the sun On the war-deed half done; All the fore-doomed to die, In the pale dust they lie.

"Really, and really," said the Knight, taking her hand in affectionate playfulness, "I have done this marvellous deed have rolled on the ocean for three days and three nights, with the deep green waves dashing by the side of my pillow, and but a thin plank to divide me from it." "Indeed, my Halbert," said the Lady, "that was a tempting of Divine Providence.

He wore gilded spurs on his boots, and these completed his equipment. "This letter," he said, "is from the godly preacher of the word, Henry Warden, young man? is it not so?" Halbert answered in the affirmative. "And he writes to us, it would seem, in some strait, and refers us to you for the circumstances. Let us know, I pray you, how things stand with him."

Young Roland Graeme now trotted gaily forward in the train of Sir Halbert Glendinning. He was relieved from his most galling apprehension, the encounter of the scorn and taunt which might possibly hail his immediate return to the Castle of Avenel.

He dreaded to break the news to his mother, for he knew that it would distress her. He was slowly walking along, when he once more encountered Halbert Davis. Halbert was out for the express purpose of meeting and exulting over him, for he rightly concluded that Robert would decline to apologize to him.

"It is my foster-brother, Halbert Glendinning," said Mary, with, apparent indifference; for she had been accustomed to call the sons of Elspeth her foster-brethren, and to live with them as if they had been brothers in earnest. "Nay, by Our Lady, that it is not," said Mysie; "I know the favour of both the Glendinnings well, and I think this rider be not of our country.

Grimsby, immediately wrapping the beauteous corpse in the white garments which hung about it, raised it in his arms, and was conducted by Halbert to a little chapel in the heart of a neighboring cliff.

Up this he sped with the same precipitate haste which had marked his departure from the tower, nor did he pause and look around until he had reached the fountain from which the rivulet had its rise. Here Halbert stopt short, and cast a gloomy, and almost a frightened glance around him.