Fancy was dancing again, albeit with one hand upon gravity's shoulder, and the dancing was a little nervous too.

Fancy was dancing again, albeit with one hand upon gravity's shoulder, and the dancing was a little nervous too.

But the great mind that defined gravity's law was a religious mind too profound to see anything final in its own feeble power. Newton was no atheist. None better than he knew the mysterious character of his law. That it has worked from all eternity "directly as the mass and inversely as the square of the distance" he knew and told his fellow-creatures.

But even he has to conform to an environment where all the romantic values are reversed. Where does the real life of most American men lie? In some woman's drawing-room or in their offices? The answer's obvious, isn't it? The emotional centre of gravity's not the same in the two hemispheres. In the effete societies it's love, in our new one it's business.

"Did you ever have one of those days," inquired Julia of her cat, Cecil, who lay in the crook of her arm and was pushing his head into the moving fingers of Julia's right hand, "when you think you've noticed something everyone else has missed?" Cecil didn't respond directly, but instead rubbed the side of his cheeks against the spine of "Gravity's Rainbow" which Julia held lopsidedly in her left.

Old Gravity's speech!" roared a middle-aged, bold-eyed man, who had suggested the sally from the windows, and from the first had set the younger spirits an example of recklessness. "Hear to him!" He filled a glass of wine and waved it perilously near the Colonel's nose. "Old Gravity's speech! Give it tongue!" he cried. "The flure's your own, and we're listening."

From the fact that the exposed surface farther south must be old, on account of the slow upheaval and the slight wear to which it is exposed, about the only wearing agent being the wind, which would be powerless to erase ice-scratches, especially since, on account of gravity's power, it cannot, like our desert winds, carry much sand which, as we know, has cut away the base of the Sphinx I think it is logical to conclude that, though Jupiter's axis is changing naturally as the earth's has been, it has never varied as much as twenty-three and a half degrees, and certainly to nothing like the extent to which we see Venus and Uranus tilted to-day."

The gravity's tolerable a little on the light side, maybe, compared to the glacier planet." He was silent, staring at the blank wall of the control-room. He frowned. Suddenly he said: "Does anybody back on Earth know that Babs and I were castaways?" "No," said Holden, still very quiet indeed. "Alicia ran the control-board. She told everybody you were too busy to be called to the communicator.

The blind kittens in their wagon say: "Give our wagon just one shove and we'll explain the rest." The kitten gets hold of a law of "milk-passing" and substitutes that for man's individual kindness. The feeble-minded agnostic seizes the law of gravitation and thinks he can discard God with gravity's help.