Several convolutions of the small intestines were also laid bare, as were also the three lowest ribs. The gluteal muscles were lacerated and torn, the tendons about the trochanter divided, laying the bone bare, and the vastus externus and part of the rectus of the thigh were cut across. The wound was 19 inches in length and four or five inches in breadth. When Dr.

According to the Externus Miraculum view, the Temple of Time is crucial to the implementation of either plan, in fact it is the crux of them both, the one issue that it is of as great importance, or greater, than the presence of you, the kinsman redeemer.

'Let's have a look what's wrong. He pulled out a handkerchief, wiped away the blood, and began feeling round the wound.... 'The bone's not touched, he muttered through his teeth; 'the ball didn't go deep; one muscle, vastus externus, grazed. He'll be dancing about in three weeks!... And to faint! Oh, these nervous people, how I hate them! My word, what a delicate skin!

An ancient father says "that a dog we know is better company than a man whose language we do not understand." "Ut externus alieno pene non sit hominis vice." Pliny, Nat. Hist. vii. And how much less sociable is false speaking than silence?

You are all no doubt familiar with the ancient prophecy of the Externus Miraculum: long ago it was told that in our extreme need, when hope no longer exists in the hearts of many, an ancient would be sent by Onan our lord to redeem and deliver us from the evils of this world, for as our doom was wrought in their times, so would our hope originate.

On Feb. 12th, consultation was again had, when fluctuation being very well marked over a considerable portion of the thigh in its lower and middle thirds, after giving the patient chloroform, an incision was made three inches long on the outer and posterior part of the thigh, from the junction of the lower with the middle third, downward through the posterior part of the vastus externus muscle.

Take B D current, with small pointed electrodes. If the eye be turned inward, insert P. P. in the outer angle of the eye, so as to bear upon the rectus externus, and N. P. in the inner angle, so as to bear on the rectus internus. Let the current be of what force the patient can bear. Withdraw the electrodes frequently, to rest the eye, and then reapply them.