The doctor, however, following him in, speedily cleared the room of all but two or three: only the two Elsies, besides himself and the parents, were left. Violet looked up at her husband as he entered, with a face so bright and joyous that it recalled the days of their honeymoon.

"How many of them there are! and how they love one another! how nice it is!" she was thinking within herself, when the two Elsies, releasing each other from a long, tender embrace, turned toward her, the older one saying, half inquiringly, "And this is Evelyn?" "Yes, mamma. Eva, this is my dear mother," said Mrs. Leland. Mrs.

We're both Elsies, and about the same age, and have brown eyes: if Uncle John were to take his pick, wouldn't he take a quiet, dignified, ladylike Elsie, instead of a harum-scarum one with short hair that was mad for the stage? And Aunt Milly being rather frail, I should have driven her to drink, while you're used to an invalid aunt. Isn't it just wonderful?

Men stood in groups discussing politics and the Mexican affair; women wandered sedately about, most of them keeping a watchful eye upon the engine, as if it might suddenly start and plunge on, dragging an empty train of cars; children ran and frisked and shouted, making the most of the occasion, as only children can. The two Elsies happened to be the only young girls.

Little had been said at Pinegrove about the approaching marriage, but it came under discussion at Roselands, and to the extreme satisfaction of the two little Elsies it was decided that they should act as flower girls, as they had at Rosie's wedding.

The two Elsies had lingered a little behind the others the old servants had so many words of welcome to say to them the younger one in especial, because she had been so far and so long away. And the babe must be handed about from one to another, kissed and blessed and remarked upon as to his real or fancied resemblance to this or that older member of the family.

"Ah! is she also to be a bridesmaid?" asked the captain with a smiling glance at his little girl, who was turning her bright eyes from one to another with a surprised, pleased, yet puzzled look. "Not just that," replied Rosie; then went on to explain her plan for giving the two little Elsies a part in the ceremony.

He now perceived that this she at least was not moreover, her determination to paint no more announced, an excellent sense of the realities of things in which the other women the Elsies and the Cissys seemed to him to be strangely deficient. And when he set up his easel her appreciation of his work helped him to further appreciation of her.

Then Rosie went on to speak of her idea of having the two little Elsies act as flower girls. "My niece and my cousin, and both bearing mamma's name; about the same size, too; would it not be pretty?" she asked, and received a chorus of approving replies. "Oh, I'd like to!" cried Elsie Dinsmore, clapping her hands in delight.

The sick ones ware sleeping quietly when the mother entered; the doctor had already breakfasted, and would assist Aunt Chloe and Dinah in watching beside them for the next hour, so the two Elsies mother and daughter went down together to the breakfast parlor.