Suddenly Martha opened her eyes and spoke in a thin, far-away voice "Samuel." He started, and, moving to where she lay, bent over her. "Samuel," she said, "I am dying now! now!" Samuel I love you and you have killed me but if I find Jesus I will ask him to let you come!" She gasped, and stopped speaking, and just then the child woke up and wailed. This seemed to electrify her.

He then found that he could electrify, by induction, an insulated sphere placed completely in the shadow of a body which screened it from direct action.

In our struggle the light scarf which I wore on my shoulders became displaced and my neck and the upper portion of my bust were bare. The sight of my white shoulders appeared to electrify Harry, for he immediately brought his lips to bear upon them, and caressed and patted them with his hand. He did not stop here, however.

There's no chance of my being able to marry for long enough to come. Now, can you give me any advice? I've quite made up my mind to leave Tootle. The position isn't worthy of a gentleman; I'm losing my self-respect. The she-Tootle gets worse and worse. If I don't electrify her, one of these days, with an outburst of ferocious indignation, she will only have my patience to thank.

He meant, however, to redouble precautions at the Swift Construction Company against any stranger getting past the stockade gates. Arrived at Mr. Damon's home in Waterfield, Tom got quickly to work on the little job he had come to do for his old friend. Of course, Tom might have sent two of his mechanics from the works down here to electrify the barbed wire entanglements that Mr.

The seeds must have heat, and damp, and darkness, and electricity, before they can sprout; but the heat, and damp, and darkness, do not make them sprout; they want something more to do that. A philosopher can find out exactly what a seed is made of, and he might make a seed of the proper materials, and put it in the ground, and electrify it but would it grow? Not it.

You thought me mad to listen to my father's offer, and a coward to give up those papers to Ray. Isn't that so?" My words seemed to electrify her. She pushed up her veil and looked at me eagerly. "Well? Go on!" she exclaimed. "There are some things," I said, "which I have made up my mind to tell no one. But at least I can assure you of this.

The doctor continued: "We are free, you are free, independent! Be proud!" The motionless villagers were looking at him without any signs of triumph shining in their eyes. He looked at them, indignant at their indifference, thinking of what he could say or do in order to make an impression to electrify this calm peasantry, to fulfill his mission as a leader.

I feel as if we were a regular company of play-actors now." "Won't you give them a blow-up first, father?" "No, Benjy, no. Never put your best foot foremost. The proverb is a false one as many proverbs are. We will dynamite them afterwards, and electrify them last of all. Go, look sharp."

I am going to see if I can find a good electrician to come out and electrify the wires in this fence, so when they attempt to cut this fence again some of them will get knocked off the face of the earth." So he put spurs to his horse and started off. He knew he could reach Crabtree about two hours ahead of the prisoners.