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The King turned to me, interrogatingly. "Then, you admit you are not Madeline Dalberg?" I asked. "On the contrary, I re-affirm it; but, I offer you a divorce." I shrugged my shoulders and made no reply. "You see, Sire," she said, "how reasonable he is.

"I ask your consideration for him, my Lords, the same as though he were our own son," he ended. "I will answer for him he is a Dalberg." At this there was applause and the members of the Council pressed forward and welcomed me as an Archduke of the Kingdom, taking my hand and bending knee before me.

The upshot of the correspondence was that Schiller, who had been negotiating with a Leipzig publisher but had been unable to make an acceptable bargain for the publication of 'Louise Miller', now determined to revise it for the stage and meet the views of Dalberg if possible.

Neither was I responsible for the style of the campaign. Madeline Spencer deserved no consideration from me and no more did her visitor. I had, yet, an hour to spare, so Bernheim and I returned to the Epsau. I donned the evening uniform of the Red Huzzars, with the broad Ribbon of the Lion across my breast and the Cincinnati around my neck. I was minded to be the Dalberg Archduke to-night.

His nature was akin to Schiller's and a warm friendship sprang up between the two. When Schiller arrived in Mannheim, late in July, 1783, Dalberg was in Holland. There was nothing going on at the theater, and the sweltering town, deserted by such as could get away, was suffering from an epidemic of malarial fever.

After her came limping the godly Talleyrand, dragging his pure moiety by his side, both with downcast and edifying looks. The Christian patriots, Gravina and Lima, Dreyer and Beust, Dalberg and Cetto, Malsburgh and Pappenheim, with the Catholic Schimmelpenninck and Mohammed Said Halel Effendi, all presented themselves as penitent sinners imploring absolutions, after undergoing mortifications.

"On my honor, as an officer and a Dalberg," I answered. Instantly his manner changed. "That's quite enough, lad," he said. "If the Princess wants you and it would seem she does I shall not say her nay. Maybe, I am rather glad to say yes." I tried to thank him, but he would not let me.

The Dalberg principle is similar to the American; that the Army is the guardian of the civilian, not his oppressor; and that its business is to protect not to browbeat. For generations, it has been instilled into the Valerian soldier that his uniform could be smirched only by himself and stern, indeed, was the judgment of him who ventured to think and do otherwise.

For while with Dalberg she never had the slightest chance, and knew it perfectly, with Harleston there was the bitterness of blasted hopes as well as of defeat.

Thus far he had called it by the name of its heroine, but when it was put upon the stage it was rechristened, at the suggestion of the actor Iffland, and has ever since been known as 'Cabal and Love'. The revision which he had undertaken, after the reopening of correspondence with Dalberg, was even now not quite finished; so that the final touches had to be given at Mannheim.