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I find the life of a soldier to be extremely uncertain." "We are our country's servants, madam," he replied proudly, and then taking out a pad of blanks from his pocket, turned to me. "May I ask your full name and rank, Colonel?" "Patrick L. Curran, Colonel, Sixth Ohio Light Artillery." He wrote it down rapidly, tore off the paper, and handed it to me.

It is easy to observe, likewise, that if in many countries people have paid divine honors to the memory of those who have signalized their courage, it was done in order to animate others to practise virtue, and to expose themselves the more willingly to dangers in their country's cause.

My friend's summary of his country's recent history is by no means complete, and, if he could revise it here would doubtless have far more interest. But it seemed advisable to get the Moorish point of view, and, having secured the curious elusive thing, to record it as nearly as might be. Sidi Boubikir seldom discussed politics. "I am in the South and the trouble is in the North," said he.

No honest man would dream of blaming Knappe because he sought to redeem his country's word. The path he chose was doubtless that of honour, so far as honour was still left. But it proved to be the road to ruin. Fritze, ranking German officer, is understood to have opposed the measure.

He demands that I should rid him of the two lads now lying in this Tower in my custody." "And what of that?" said the king's messenger. "Is it not necessary to the country's peace? And will you, Sir Thomas, render so base an ingratitude for the favours you have received at the king's hands by refusing him this service?"

Michael led our party, because in her eyes Kings Port could show nothing more precious and significant. There had been nothing to warn her that Bohm and Charley were Americans who neither knew nor loved their country, but merely Americans who knew their country's wealth and loved to acquire every penny of it that they could.

Not every man, while concentrating upon money-making, is consciously seeking his country's welfare, the amelioration of life for the many, the uplift of posterity, even if he rigidly adheres to the accepted rules of the game, to the code of business honor. This brings us back to the popular picture of the money-maker, grasping, sordid, narrow-minded. There are such people.

He was born at Cotterstock, Northamptonshire. sometime in the year 1752, and was a soldier by right of inheritance. His father, Captain John Simcoe, after a life spent in his country's service, died in the St. Lawrence River, on board H. M. ship Pembroke, of miasmatic disease, contracted in exploring portions of the adjoining country for military purposes.

"You must listen to me for every reason politically for your country's sake, personally because I shall offer you and give you happiness and a position you could never find elsewhere." For a moment her eyes seemed to be looking through him, as though some vision of things outside the room were troubling her. Her finger had already touched the bell and a servant was standing upon the threshold.

De Barros mentions that vessels from Luzon visited Malacca in 1511. The spoilt monopolists of Seville demanded therefore the abandonment of a colony which required considerable yearly contributions from the home exchequer, which stood in the way of the mother country's exploiting her American colonies, and which let the silver of His Majesty's dominions pass into the hands of the heathen.

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