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Botterill, "ought we not to consider our wives and families?" "You do, Mr. Botterill, you do," was the somewhat sharp reply. "But there still remains ample scope for the claims of God." Upon this, there ensued a pause, which was at length broken by Mr. Caske, who, whatever might be his shortcomings, was not an ill-natured man. "Well, sir," he remarked, good-humouredly, "you've hit us hard."

Durnford, with an emphasis which caused Mr. Caske to start so violently, that the stem of his pipe, which he had just replaced in his mouth, clattered against his teeth. "No, never! And least of all in the case of friend Horn." The three critics of "the Golden Shoemaker" stared at the minister in amazement. They had been led to think Mr. Durnford was substantially in agreement with their views.

Being thus wearied with this iourney we returned to the harbour where we left our boates, who in our absence had brought their caske a shore for fresh water, so we deferred our going to Roanoak vntill the next morning, and caused some of those saylers to digge in those sandie hills for fresh water whereof we found very sufficient.

"Well, now," asked the minister, "as to what in particular?" "Chiefly as to the way he's squandering his money." "Oh, I wasn't aware Mr. Horn had become a spendthrift! You must have been misinformed, Mr. Caske," and Mr. Durnford looked the brewer intently in the face. "Ah," said Mr. Caske, somewhat uneasily, "you don't take me, sir. It's not that he spends his money.

The 25 we arriued on the West side of the Isle of Menego, where we left some caske on shore in a sandy bay, but could not tary for foule weather. The 26 we cast anker in another bay vpon the maine of Cape Briton.

"Perhaps, sir," he said, "you don't know in what a reckless fashion our friend is disposing of his money?" "Well, Mr. Caske, let us hear," said the minister, settling himself to listen. "Well, sir, you know about his having given up a great part of his fortune to some girl in America, because she was the sweetheart of a cousin of his who died." "Yes," said Mr.

Caske in the handling of his considerable wealth. "He's simply tossing his money from him, sir," he reiterated, "as if it were just a heap of leaves." "Yes," said Mr. Botterill, "and it doesn't seem right." Mr. Botterill was a tall man, with glossy black hair and whiskers, and an inflamed face. He seemed never to be quite at ease in his mind, which, perhaps, was not matter for surprise. Mr.

What quantitie of victuals, and what kinde of victuals for the men in all the ship for 4 moneths time. For the common mariners and officers to gouerne the ship, we shall not need any out of Biskaie, but onely men skilful in the catching of the Whale, and ordering of the oile, and one Cooper skilful to set vp the staued caske.

But, if that were the case, where should I be, for instance?" and Mr. Caske swelled himself out more than ever. Mr. Durnford had hitherto listened in silence. Though inclined to speak in very strong terms, he had restrained himself with a powerful effort. He knew that if he allowed these men to proceed, they would soon fill their cup.

To these pondes wee repayred to fill our caske with water. Howbeit one of them brake an hogshead which wee had filled with fresh water, with a great branche of a tree which lay on the ground. Vpon which occasion we bestowed halfe a dozen muskets shotte vpon them, which they avoyded by falling flatte to the earth, and afterwarde retired themselues to the woodes.

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