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The sin, as it seems to me, would be to feel or fancy ourselves case-hardened against the will of our Maker, which so often is that we should grieve. Without a thought how that might be, I did the natural thing, and cried about the death of my dear father until I was like to follow him.

Washington saw plainly enough that the relief and improvement were only temporary, and that carelessness and indifference were likely to return, and be more case-hardened than ever. He was too strong and sane a man to waste time in fighting shadows or in nourishing himself with hopes. He dealt with the present as he found it, and fought down difficulties as they sprang up in his path.

As the king's father had long ago flung away the pearl and precious jewel which the son now made a merit of selling to its proprietors at the price of their life's blood the world's commerce it is difficult to imagine that Richardot, while communicating thin preposterous ultimatum, could have kept his countenance. But there were case-hardened politicians on both sides.

Despite his many defects and his humble origin, the son of peasants and of lowly sailors, trebly ridiculous as a deserter from the seminary, an unfrocked clerk and a case-hardened pedant, was from the first well-received, listened to, and ever made much of, simply because he spoke with sincerity. I have had some ardent opponents, but I have never had a personal enemy.

"I'll be stuck in quarantine with you for a couple of days and we'll kill time drawing up a rough set of plans. And when that schooner yacht is ready, Matt, I'll tell you what I want you to do." "What, Cappy?" "Send the bill to grandpa, Matthew!" "If I hadn't been a case-hardened old fool I'd have cheered you on when you wanted to build that schooner yacht last year.

A comparison of that time with the conditions that now prevail must yield food for reflection to all but the case-hardened optimists. But already Napoleon was convinced that the Continental System must be secretly relaxed in special cases.

Such a rifle should be a breech-loader, as the advantage of loading quickly while on horseback is incalculable. Hunting-knives should be of soft steel, similar to butchers' knives; but one principal knife to be worn daily should be of harder steel, with the back of the blade roughed and case-hardened like a butcher's steel, for sharpening other knives when required.

Her nerves, always strong, had become too case-hardened to be affected by avions or the immense uncertainties of Big Bertha; although the light on the horizon at night during the last German Drive and the bellow of the guns had shaken her with a sort of reminiscent excitement.

But without it a man deteriorates. He becomes a keen, case-hardened tool, and no man. Our friends the Germans are not far wrong when they talk about developing what is universal in man, i.e. his humanity, which is a whole, and must be unfolded as a whole to be perfect, or even to approximate perfection. You will burn this if I go on, so I will leave you to Lancilotti.

But to conceal the matter was now hopeless for, as she spoke, Raeburn came into the room. "What shall I feel dreadfully?" he said, smiling a little. "If any man ought to be case-hardened, I ought to be." But as he drew nearer and saw the faces of the two, his own face grew stern and anxious. "You at home, Tom! What's the matter?"