"I wa'n't a listening at key-holes, nor likewise a-eaves-dropping, which I considers beneath a gentleman to do; but I was a-looking to the back shutters, to see as they was all safe arter the fright we got, and I hearn somebody a-talking, which I was sure was more bugglers; so I made free to wait and hear what they said." "It was Captain Pendleton and myself, I suppose," said Mr.

We'll pay for yours too, if you'll sit for it." "Tin-tybe? Of course, indeed I will. Won't I have nuffin to do but just sit still? "Well, to your mamma, then. What will be the harm, Dotty, in leaving this wheelbarrow out here at the door?" "I don't know," said Dotty; "I hope there won't any 'bugglers' come along, and steal it."

Dat parrot o' yoahs sho is Gawd's own nuisance nippin' at mah fingahs an' screechin' his fool head off.... 'Cose I ain't sayin' it's his fault keepin' dat young gemman on de secon' flo' awake las' night.... But lak I say to Mistah Wilson, when he lights into me dis mawnin', runnin' off at de mouf 'cause I fo'got to put Cap'n's covah on his cage las' night, I ain't de onliest one what fo'gits in dis hyar house.... Comin' home Gawd knows when, leavin' de front do' unlocked de res' o' de night, so's bugglers and murderers and Gawd knows who could walk right in hyar "

"She is a very nice cooker, but you'll have hard work to get me to go." She drawled out the words languidly, and seemed on the point of going to sleep. "O, girls, girls, girls," cried Prudy, opening the door and looking out, "our wheelbarrow is gone it's gone!" "It's bugglers; I told you so," said Dotty. Mr. Poindexter was quite amused by his little sitters.

"We shan't say, certain positive, that bugglers took it, but we s'pose so," said Dotty, softening her judgment, as she remembered her mistake about the "screw-up pencil." They went home through the broiling sun, but found no trace of the wheelbarrow. "It's a dreadful thing," said Prudy, lazily, "but I don't feel as bad as I should if I was fairly awake."

Capping Pendulum, he shows his powerful 'torney, and tends to the 'state. And Missus Winterose and her darters minds the house. Only they's in constant terrors all along o' that band o' bugglers." "Band of burglars, Joe?" "Yes, sir, and highway robbers as well." "Indeed! Joe, I have twice lately heard this band spoken of. Does such a one really exist?" "Well, sir, it do.