And giving these directions to his brothers, the king marched towards Takshyashila and brought that country under his authority. "About this time there was a Rishi, Ayoda-Dhaumya by name. And Ayoda- Dhaumya had three disciples, Upamanyu, Aruni, and Veda. And the Rishi bade one of these disciples, Aruni of Panchala, to go and stop up a breach in the water-course of a certain field.

""Upamanyu said, "I solicit boons from that great Deity named Siva whom utterers of Brahma have described as existent and non-existent, manifest and unmanifest, eternal or immutable, one and many. I solicit boons from Him who is without beginning and middle and end, who is Knowledge and Puissance, who is inconceivable and who is the Supreme Soul.

Thou art exceedingly plump. And he answered, 'Sir, I support myself by begging'. And his preceptor said, 'What is obtained in alms should not be used by thee without offering it to me. And Upamanyu, thus told, went away. And having obtained alms, he offered the same to his preceptor. And his preceptor took from him even the whole. And Upamanyu, thus treated, went to attend the cattle.

Do thou do that which thy preceptor did. Thus addressed, Upamanyu again said unto them, 'O Aswins, I crave your pardon. Without offering it to my preceptor I dare not apply this cake. The Aswins then said, 'O, we are pleased with this devotion of thine to thy preceptor. Thy master's teeth are of black iron. Thine shall be of gold. Thou shall be restored to sight and shall have good fortune.

Tell me, O son, what those objects are which thou desirest." At this, Tandi joined his hands and said "O Lord, let my devotion to thee be steady." ""Upamanyu continued, 'Having given unto Tandi these boons and having received the adorations of both the deities and the Rishis, the great Deity disappeared there and then.

And they told him that he had gone out with the cattle. "The preceptor then said, 'Upamanyu being restrained by me from the use of everything, is, of course, and therefore, doth not come home until it be late.

How dost thou support thyself? And Upamanyu, thus questioned, answered, 'Sir, I now live upon the milk of these cows. And his preceptor thereupon told him, 'It is not lawful for thee to appropriate the milk without having first obtained my consent. And Upamanyu having assented to the justice of these observations, went away to tend the kine.

The illustrious Upamanyu then addressed me in words that were exceedingly sweet and delightful, 'Thou shalt, O Krishna, obtain without doubt a son like unto thyself. Betaking thyself to severe penances, do thou gratify Isana, the Lord of all creatures. That divine Master, O Adhokshaja, sporteth here with his spouse by his side.

""Upamanyu continued, 'I said, "Salutations to thee, O illustrious one, O thou that constitutest the refuge of all things, O thou that art called Mahadeva! Salutations to thee that assumest the form of Sakra, that art Sakra, and that disguisest thyself in the form and vestments of Sakra.

And having watched them all day, he returned in the evening to his preceptor's abode. And he stood before his preceptor and saluted him with respect. And his preceptor perceiving that he still continued to be of good condition of body said unto him, 'Upamanyu, my child, I take from thee even the whole of what thou obtainest in alms, without leaving anything for thee.