"That is true, but how that is to be done is the difficulty. If we only had Shasta with us." "Arrah, now, if ye'd had him ye'd've niver gone thramping off in the woods and having me alone here with the dog. The red gintleman knowed what was best for us, and do ye mind, he kept his eye upon yez all the time."

"He maans, too, that there's danger in waiting here, and that we'd better be thramping." Elwood took a step or two in the direction indicated to test the meaning of their friend. He nodded very earnestly, and satisfied them all that the safest plan was for them to leave as soon as possible, and take the course pointed out by him.

"It's mesilf that would like to ax a conundrum," said Mickey, "provided that none of the gintlemin prisent object to the same." Sut gave the Irishman to understand that he was always pleased to hear any inquiry from him, if he asked it respectfully. "The question is this: How long are we to kape thramping along in this shtyle? Is it to be for one wake or two, or for a month?

This thramping about at night in the mountains isn't the aisiest way to diskiver a man, and it's him that will have to find us, instead of we him. But we'll keep it up." If the Apache mustang which they were riding meditated any mischief, he seemed to be of the opinion that the occasion was not the most suitable.

If it wasn't for the ould fort flamin' out wanst in a whoile, I'd be thinkin' I'd never an oi in my head, barrin' the fires in the tints far an' near gives a bit of dimness to the dark. Phwat time is it?" "Quarter to twelve, Barney." "Troth, then, the relief will be soon coming. I must be thramping the mud av Virginia to save the Union. Good-night, byes. I come to give yez the good word.

"Yer days of thramping this country, and alarming paceable inhabitants are done wid, Mister Anaconda. So jist kaal over gracefully, say tin Ave Marias, and consider yourself in the hands of Gabriel sint for judgment."