There were two crow-bars and a jemmy, not to mention a flogging hammer, a rip saw, some monstrous big chisels and a shipwright's mallet. They looked like a collection of burglar's implements from the land of Brobdingnag. "There you are," said Ginnell.

Soon my father found a man who had some skill in the shipwright's craft, and brought him to our place from Saltfleet. Then we built as good a boat as one could wish, and, not long after that, another. But my father was careful that none of the Lindsey folk whom he had known should think that this fisher was the Grim whom they had once traded with, lest word should go to Hodulf in any way.

To think that I, who had mingled among gentlemen and scholars, should be thankful to labour in a shipwright's yard by day, and sleep on a bundle of hides by night! But this is personal matter, and need not be obtruded.

As we walked past the lines of lofty sheds, we heard from all directions the ringing clank of iron, instead of, as in days of yore, the dull thud of the shipwright's mallet, and saw the ground under each shed strewed with ribs and sheets of iron ready to be fixed to the vast skeletons within.

All, all, from crown to base The Lamb, before the world's foundation slain The angels, ministers to God's elect The sun, who only shines to light the worlds The clouds, whose glory is to die in showers The fleeting streams, who in their ocean graves Flee the decay of stagnant self-content The oak, ennobled by the shipwright's axe The soil, which yields its marrow to the flower The flower, which feeds a thousand velvet worms Born only to be prey to every bird All spend themselves on others: and shall man, Whose twofold being is the mystic knot Which couples earth with heaven, doubly bound, As being both, worm and angel, to that service By which both worms and angels hold their life, Shall he, whose every breath is debt on debt, Refuse, forsooth, to be what God has made him?

He insisted that Dick, being a gentleman, although merely a shipwright's apprentice, was as much entitled to a cabin aft as he was himself; and when the unreasonableness of this demand was pointed out to him he proposed that he also should be permitted to berth forward.

How different must have been the place when the sound of the shipwright's hammer was incessantly heard, to what it now is, resting in the most perfect tranquillity, as if everybody in the neighbourhood had gone to sleep! No one was to be seen moving on shore, no one even on board the little coasters. Not a bird disturbed the calm surface of the river.

A colossus inactive, he had little to say among the chattering circle; for when seated, cards were wanted to animate him: and he looked entirely out of place and unfitted, like a great vessel's figure-head in a shipwright's yard. She murmured: 'Not this evening? Abrane quoted promptly a line of nursery song 'How shall he cut it without e'er a knife?

"She has been knocked about by an English cruiser, and will be in the shipwright's hands for five or six weeks, before she is ready for sea again." "You are not from this part of the country," the peasant, who was speaking in the patois of Normandy, remarked.

He was 'on the frigate'. It was not his own boat he was steering in that hour, but a huge three- master with a whole cloud of sails above her and ten cannon on either side a miracle of the shipwright's craft.