He was also very pleased to see the program for the Youth Week being held in the Schwarzwald, and the emphasis which is being placed on teaching the Covenant in both Esslingen and this Youth week he considers very important.

This happened long, long ago in the dark ages or some other dark place it may have been the Schwarzwald and it was the curse of the stony field that did it. "'Oh, my son, mother urged me, 'we count on you to restore the unaccountably long-lost prestige of our ancient family.

For variety and beauty, the Vosges will not compare with the hills of the Schwarzwald. The advantage about them from the tourist's point of view is their superior poverty. The Vosges peasant has not the unromantic air of contented prosperity that spoils his vis-a-vis across the Rhine. The villages and farms possess more the charm of decay.

To a reasonable degree, yes, if it can be done without much expense and with little personal trouble." "It can," said George. "We know Holland and the Rhine. Very well, my suggestion is that we take the boat to Hamburg, see Berlin and Dresden, and work our way to the Schwarzwald, through Nuremberg and Stuttgart." "There are some pretty bits in Mesopotamia, so I've been told," murmured Harris.

Tom fancied he could just distinguish the dark trees outlined on the opposite shore. "Let's follow the shore a ways and see if we can get round it," he said. But a tramp along the edge, first east, then west, brought no general turn in the shore-line and they began to wonder if the Schwarzwald could be bisected by some majestic river. "I don't think a river so high up would be so wide," Tom said.

"I have selected you because of your knowledge of English and your insight into the whole matter in hand. There is to be a meeting of certain statesmen in a certain spot in the range of the Schwarzwald. You are to be the sole attendant of these gentlemen. You'll see to it that nothing of their identity becomes known. You will look after them in every way.

'To Carlsruhe, she says, if the rest of us have no objection. 'Carlsruhe, then, let it be, with all my heart; or anywhere. To Carlsruhe they went next day, after a night of soft rain which brought up a warm steam from the Schwarzwald valleys, and caused the young tufts and grasses to swell visibly in a few hours.

Despise not the rag from which man makes Paper, or the litter from which the earth makes Corn. Rightly viewed no meanest object is insignificant; all objects are as windows, through which the philosophic eye looks into Infinitude itself." Again, leaving that wondrous Schwarzwald Smithy-Altar, what vacant, high-sailing air-ships are these, and whither will they sail with us?

If the publisher would let me, I'd dedicate this book to you, to "Those States." Because I wrote this book entirely for you, Columbia. You may not take it as a compliment. You may even smell a tiny bit of Schwarzwald sap in it, and be finally disgusted. I admit that trees ought to think twice before they flourish in such a disgraced place as the Fatherland. "Chi va coi zoppi, all' anno zoppica."