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Some may, perhaps, object, that Solon recovered Salamis, which they had lost, for the Athenians; whereas Poplicola receded from part of what the Romans were at that time possessed of; but judgment is to be made of actions according to the times in which they were performed.

Very likely he will allege the example of the Greeks, as we have it recorded in the accounts of the banquet offered to Themistocles after the battle of Salamis, and the supper given to Æschylus on the hundredth performance of the OEdipus of Sophocles.

Beautiful light, My Salamis my country and the floor Of my dear household hearth and thou, bright Athens, Thou for thy sons and I were boys together Fountains and rivers, and ye Trojan plains, I loved ye as my fosterers fare ye well! Take in these words, the last earth hears from Ajax All else unspoken, in a spectre land I'll whisper to the dead!"

The error of Plutarch evidently arose from his confounding two wars with Megara for Salamis, attended with similar results the first led by Solon, the second by Pisistratus. I am the more surprised that Mr. Had this been the case, the relations of the lady could not reasonably have been angry that the marriage was not consummated!

Let others drink of your cup and eat of your loaf. Where the wind cuts, there lend your cloak. That virtue will make you happy. But that is not the virtue of which he spoke when he laid down his doctrine. That was not the virtue with which Brutus was strong when he was skinning those poor wretches of Salamis.

Dismemberment, and decay in virtue of dismemberment, had hitherto been its history; how should a nation, which could name no day like those of Marathon and Salamis, of Aricia and the Raudine plain a nation which, even in its time of vigour, had made no attempt to destroy Massilia by a united effort now when evening had come, defend itself against so formidable foes?

O divine Salamis, thou too shalt destroy the children of women, either at the seed-time or at the harvest." Here was some hope, though small. "The wooden wall"? What could it be but the fleet? This was the general opinion of the Athenians. But should they fight? Should they not rather abandon Attica forever, take to their wooden walls, and seek a new home afar?

In the mean time, the Persian fleet, which we left, it will be recollected, in the channels between Euboea and the main land, near to Thermopylæ, had advanced when they found that the Greeks had left those waters, and, following their enemies to the southward through the channel called the Euripus, had doubled the promontory called Sunium, which is the southern promontory of Attica, and then, moving northward again along the western coast of Attica, had approached Phalerum, which was not far from Salamis.

The varied outlines of Sunium, on the one side, and Ægina on the other, were very clear, but in the deep shadows there was mystery enough to feed the burning impatience of seeing all in the light of common day; and tho we had passed Ægina, and had come over against the rocky Salamis, as yet there was no sign of Peiræus.

Of this Scaptius had complained bitterly, and at last he and delegates from Salamis who were willing to pay their debt, if they could only do it without too great extortion, went together to Cicero who was then at Tarsus, in the most remote part of his province.

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