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Offered to your father to report it all through official channels and attach his resignation." "Not for worlds!" cried Miss Polly. "The poor man was half asleep. And Mr. Bee Mr. Perkins DID jog him rather sharply." "Yes. Von Plaanden asked my advice as an American about his attitude toward Cluff and Perkins." "I hope you told him to let the whole thing drop." "Exactly what I did.

Who's left with Miss Brewster?" "Nobody. We must get back." Sherwen's cool voice cut in: "Close together, now. Keep well up. Herr von Plaanden, will you cover us at the end?" "It is the post of honor," said the Hochwaldian. "You've earned it. But for you, they'd have got our colors." The foreigner bowed, and swung his horse toward a Caracunan who had pressed forward a little too near.

Von Plaanden, in full uniform and girt with the short saber that is the special and privileged arm of the crack cavalry regiment to which he belonged at home, had dismounted to deliver personally a huge bouquet for Miss Brewster, from the garden of the Hochwald Legation, not even asking to see the girl, but merely leaving the flowers as a further expression of his almost daily apology, and riding on to an official review at the military park.

Stretching out her hand to a vase near her, she drew out a rose of deepest red and held it above Von Plaanden. "The color of my country," said Von Plaanden gravely. "May I take it for a sign that I am forgiven?" "Fully, freely, and gladly," said the girl. "You have put a debt upon us all that I that we can never repay." "It is I who pay. You will not think of me too hardly, for my one breach?"

"Miss Brewster," he began, "please don't think " "Don't speak to me!" she cried. Another clamor of derision sounded from the street as Urgante resumed the standard of his mockery and led his rabble forward. Behind the dull-colored mass appeared a spot of splendor. It was Von Plaanden, gorgeous in his full regalia, who had turned the corner, returning from the public reception.