And what's more, we want them blank blank copper snakes strung up." "How many horses have you lost?" "How many? Jeerupiter! Thirty or forty fer all I know, they've been rustlin' 'em for a year back." "Why didn't you report before?" "Why we thought we'd git 'em ourselves, and if we had we wouldn't 'a troubled yuh and I guess they wouldn't 'a troubled us much longer.

Say, General, I take off my hat. Ten thousand Indians! By the holy poker! And five hundred police! How in Cain do you keep down the devils?" "We don't try to keep them down. We try to take care of them." "Guess you've hit it," said Mr. Raimes, dexterously squirting out of the door. "Jeerupiter! Say, General, some day they'll massacree yuh sure!" said Mr. Cadwaller, a note of anxiety in his voice.

"Oh, no, they are a very good lot on the whole." "Good! We've got a lot of good Indians too, but they're all under graound. Five hundred men! Jeerupiter! Say, Sligh, how many soldiers does Uncle Sam have on this job?" "Well, I can't say altogether, but in Montana and Dakota I happen to know we have about four thousand regulars." "Say, figger that out, will yuh?" continued Mr. Cadwaller.

I am in command of this party and I must have absolute and prompt obedience. Mr. Cadwaller, it will be at your peril that you make any such move again. Let no man draw a gun until ordered by me! Now, then, cut out those horses and bunch them together!" "Jeerupiter! He's a hull brigade himself," said Mr. Cadwaller in an undertone, dropping back beside Mr. Sligh. "Waal, here goes for the bunch."

"I'm afraid we cannot spare any more." "Jeerupiter, General!" exclaimed Mr. Cadwaller. "I'll wait outside the reserve till this picnic's over. Say, General, let's have twenty-five men at least." "What do you say, Inspector Dickson? Will two men be sufficient?" "We'll try, Sir," replied the Inspector. "How soon can you be ready?" "In a quarter of an hour." "Jeerupiter!" muttered Mr.

"Married?" shouted the doctor, suddenly rushing at Smith and gripping him by both arms. "Smith, you shy dog you lucky dog! Let me wish you joy, old man. By Jove! You deserve your luck, every bit of it. Say, that's fine. Ha! ha! Jeerupiter! Smith, you are a good one and a sly one. Shake again, old man. Say, by Jove! What a sell I mean what a joke!