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"Yes," replied Porthos, "it is the one that ought to have been sent to me at first. A bad joke of the husband's substituted the other; but the husband has been punished since, and I have obtained full satisfaction." Planchet and Grimaud appeared in their turn, leading their masters' steeds.

"Your course will touch those to whom you are going but little, and will displease the allies, who take so much interest in you. "The empress is a thorough Austrian at heart, and the visits of members of her husband's family are regarded with disfavor. I tell you this at the request of Prince Leopold and Madame de Caulaincourt.

It is especially the nature of a Dale to be constant in his likings and his dislikings. Her husband's affection for her had been unswerving, so much so that he had quarrelled with his brother because his brother would not express himself in brotherly terms about his wife; but, nevertheless, the two brothers had loved each other always.

There, book in hand, she employed the time in her own reminiscences, though it was her belief that she was reading Madame de Remusat's. Her thoughts went backward into her life and into her husband's; and the deeper into the past they went, the brighter the pictures they brought her and there is tragedy. Like her husband, she thought backward because she did not dare think forward definitely.

There is a mode of matrimony, which, fulfilling all the rites of the Church, leaves no stain on the conscience; yet investing the bride with none of the privileges peculiar to her husband's condition, infringes not upon the duties which the King owes to his subjects.

These women and girls were under the hand of Millie, who kept count of their comings and goings and the work they performed, holding from their wages the value of the material they spoilt and of the minutes they were not at their task. Millie labored faithfully, her heart being perfect with her husband's.

"Ah!" said she; "then if you are willing to accept an allowance of four dollars a week I'll order the wedding cards engraved." The man hesitated, but when he thought of the rope hanging from his bedpost he consented to the terms. So they were married, and the bride was very jealous of her husband's beauty and led him a dog's life. So he managed to get into debt and made her miserable in turn.

Her husband's bearing throughout the previous evening had convinced her that their passage of arms in the shamianah had killed the budding possibility of a better understanding between them: and the fact that she was to blame, did not make the knowledge easier to bear.

The Baganda think that if a woman steps over a man's weapons they will not aim straight or kill until they have been purified. Among many South African tribes, if a wife steps over her husband's assegais, they are considered useless from that time and are given to the boys to play with. This superstition rings many changes and is current among the natives of all countries.

I'll probably get Agatha to see what she can do in the first place." She saw a trace of uncertainty in her husband's face, which was, however, what she had expected. "As you like," he said. "Something must be done, but on the whole I'd rather you didn't trouble Agatha about the matter; it would be wiser." Mrs. Hastings asked no more questions.