The battery immediately exploded two shrapnel shells in their midst with great effect. This ended the affair, and the troops returned to camp. The casualties were as follows: BRITISH OFFICERS. Wounded severely 2nd Lieutenant G.N.S. Keene. " slightly Captain L.I.B. Hulke. " " Lieutenant R.E. Power. BRITISH SOLDIERS. Killed. Wounded. Native Ranks. Wounded. 38th Dogras . . .. 2 Total casualties, 16.

Jansen speaks of a man in Spain, born without arms, who could use his feet as well as most people use their arms. Schenck and Lotichius give descriptions of armless people. Hulke describes a child of four whose upper limbs were absent, a small dimple only being in their place.

Hulke reports a case remarkable for the immense size of the rupture which protruded from a spot weakened by a former abscess. There was a partial absence of the peritoneal sac, and the obstruction readily yielded to a clyster and laxative. The rupture had a transverse diameter of 14 1/2 inches, with a vertical diameter of 11 1/2 inches.

Hulke records the case of a woman, the victim of a peculiar accident happening during the performance of tracheotomy, for an affection of the larynx. The internal canule of the tracheotomy-tube fell into the right bronchus, but was removed by an ingenious instrument extemporaneously devised from silver wire.

Hulke describes a silver-polisher of thirty-six who, while standing near a machine, had his sleeve caught by a rapidly-turning wheel, which drew him in and whirled him round and round, his legs striking against the ceiling and floor of the room. It was thought the wheel had made 50 revolutions before the machinery was stopped.

The Tyger also tooke out of the smaller hulke sixe or seuen tunnes of wine, one hogshead of Aquauitæ, and certeine rozzen, and two bases he tooke out of the great hulke. The first day of February in the morning we all came together againe sauing W. Crompton who sent vs word mat he was contented to agree to that order which we should take.

There were also two hulks stragled farre from the strength of the other ships, which were so calmed, as neither they could get to vs, or we to them, though all the great shippes towed with their boats to haue releiued them, but could not be recouered; in one of which was Captaine Minshaw with his company, who fought with them to the last, yea after his ship was on fire, which whether it was fired by himselfe or by them we could not well discerne, but might easily iudge by his long and good fight, that the enemy could not but sustaine much loose: who setting also vpon one other hulke wherein was but a Lieutenant, were by the valour of the Lieutenant put off although they had first beaten her with their artillery, and attempted to boord her.

And seeing also another hulke a league off, a sterne off vs, they made towards her; but finding that she made ready to fight with them, they durst not further attempt her: whereby it seemed, their losse being great in other fights, they were loth to proceed any further.