The Galli, the Sacchetti, were great; so was the old trunk of the Calfucci; so was that of the peculators who now blush to hear of a measure of wheat; and the Sizii and the Arrigucci were drawn in pomp to their civic chairs. Oh, how mighty I saw them then, and how low has their pride brought them! Florence in those days deserved her name.

Later she returned to England ... too old to secure an engagement. He also speaks of a Signora Galli, of large and masculine figure and contralto voice, who frequently filled the part of second man at the Opera. She had been a principal singer in Handel's oratorios when conducted by himself. "I had the curiosity to go, and heard her sing He was despised and rejected of men in The Messiah.

The inner lips, the nymphæ or labia minora, running parallel with the greater lips which enclose them, embrace the clitoris anteriorly and extend backward, enclosing the urethral exit between them as well as the vaginal entrance. They form little wings whence their old Latin name, alæ, and from their resemblance to the cock's comb were by Spigelius termed crista galli.

They were what the Romans called Galli or Gauls, one of the great races of the old stock which has always been finding its way westward into Europe, and they had their home north of the Alps, but they were always pressing on and on, and had long since made settlements in northern Italy. They were in clans, each obedient to one chief as a father, and joining together in one brotherhood.

B.G. 6, 24: fuit antea tempus, cum Germanos Galli virtute superarent, ultro bella inferrent, propter hominum multitudinem agrique inopiam trans Rhenum colonias mitterent. Amnis. The Rhine. Promiscuas. Unsettled, ill defined. Quo minus after a verb of hindering is followed by the subj. Nulla divisas, i.e. not distributed among different and powerful kings. Hercyniam silvam.

Vigorelli, Milanese, proprietor, fifty strokes; Garavaglia, of Novara, aged thirty-nine, thirty strokes; Giuseppe Tandea, Milanese, aged forty, twenty-five strokes; Rossi, Milanese, student, thirty strokes; Carabelli, workman, forty strokes; Giuseppe Berlusconi, fifty strokes; Ferrandi, bookseller, thirty strokes; Ernestina Galli, of Cremona, operatic singer, aged twenty, forty strokes;

Yabe; Madame Galli, a shrivelled old woman in a cheap wig, with sharp rat's eyes that nothing escaped, the soul of good nature, rich, miserly and incredibly mischievous. There were several boarders who were in business in the City, and Mr. Hutton, a careworn man of fifty, who spent his days working in the British Museum.

Known as the Galli, they were men who had transformed themselves into the closest possible resemblance to women. At all times they were prepared to engage with members of either sex in sexual relations of the most depraved kind. They lived in idleness as prostitutes, cultivating and extending their skill in sex perversions as specialists.

But mere defiance is a feeble weapon and evasion a cumbersome one. As for petitioning, that is a child's toy." "I hope, signora," Grassini interposed, with a solemn face; "that you are not suggesting such methods as assassination?" Martini tugged at his big moustache and Galli sniggered outright. Even the grave young woman could not repress a smile.

The Galli were men, who made themselves as much like women as they could, and offered themselves for purposes of unnatural lust to either sex. Their existence may be traced in Israel and Judah, as well as in Syria and Phoenicia.