And she passed on, giving a kind smile to Jacqueline, whom she knew, having seen her several times in the convent parlor, and whom she thought a nice girl, notwithstanding what she called her "fly-away airs" "the airs they acquire from modern education," she said to herself, with a sigh.

If I can just cover everything to-night, I won't be afraid of the frost any more. You don't want all the lovely little green things to die, do you, and not have any snaps or peas or peonies at all?" "Oh, fly-away!" answered Uncle Tucker as he tucked in the last end of a nondescript frill over a group of tiny cabbage plants, "there's not even a smack of frost in the air! It's all in your mind."

"Well," he said, "you'll find your young stepbrother here with a woman I used to know. If you take my advice, you'll close this exhibition." June looked back at him. "Oh! You Forsyte!" she said, and moved on. About her light, fly-away figure, passing so suddenly away, was a look of dangerous decisions. Forsyte! Of course, he was a Forsyte! And so was she!

The top-gallant masts, at the next stage aloft, are supported by shrouds passing through the ends of small spars called cross-trees, at the head of the topmast; and so on in succession, up to the sky-scrapers and moon-rakers in some very fly-away ships.

She had some of Ruth's dignity and more of Agnes' good looks. The twelve year old the fly-away the irrepressible what shall we say about her? That she laughed easily, cried stormily, was always playing pranks, rather tomboyish, affectionate utterly thoughtless She really was in danger; there was no doubt of it.

Meantime while they were slowly admitting the identity of their friend and correspondent, honest John Cornelius Ryp himself arrived no fantastic fly-away Hollander, but in full flesh and blood, laden with provisions, and greeting them heartily.

Esther was easily the "fairest of the village maids," and the head of her class in the high-school; Daniel, a leader in games among the boys of his age; even eight-year-old Ruth with her fly-away red hair and her wide brown eyes had her devoted admirers among the younger lads. It was evident to the Rev.

After dinner, in the drawing-room, Captain Danton, with Grace for a partner, the Doctor with Eeny, sat down to a game of cards. Kate sat at the piano, singing a fly-away duet with Miss Howard. Mr. Howard stood at Miss Danton's right elbow devotedly turning the music; and in a little cozy velvet sofa, just big enough for two, Reginald and Rose were tête-

"Mrs. Grosvenor Green!" said Mrs. March. "Which of the ten thousand flats is it, Basil?" "The gimcrackery," he answered. "In the Xenophon, you know." "Well, she may save herself the trouble. I shall not see her. Or yes I must. I couldn't go away without seeing what sort of creature could have planned that fly-away flat. She must be a perfect " "Parachute," March suggested.

I must have him; can you give him a passage till we meet one of our large coal ships coming from Pictou?" "Certainly," said he. "Jerry," sais I, when he returned, "what in the world do you keep such a fly-away devil as that for? why don't you sell him and buy cattle? Can't you sell him at Halifax?" "Oh", said he, "I can't go there now no more, Mr Slick.