I filt sorry for th' gintilmin him putting up sich a good foight this avening so Oi thought if he didn't want to fight, I'd help him pass it off aisy. I had a glass o' liquor in me own hand. I offers it to him.

"My dear sir, I have the greatest affection for yez. The moment I seen yez a qua'ar faaling come over me, and I filt I must come ashore and shake you by the hand. I faals much better." "You don't say?" "That I does. Would yez have the kindness to give me a wee bit of tobaccy?" The sleepy-looking stranger gazed drowsily at him a moment and then made answer: "I'm just smoking the last bit I've got.

"I ownly filt him jist move once, whin I kicked him wid me fut unknowns to me, as I wor sayin' about stowin' the cable." "Dead men don't move," replied the captain sharply, the hands round grinning at the boatswain's Irish bull. "Some of you idlers there, go down and fetch this stowaway up and let us see what he's made of."

Siz Simpson to the lady some such passin’ civilitee as, ’Good-marnin’; plisent weather we’re havin’.’ Whereupon the lady filt a damage to her affictions an’ sued him for breach av promise." "’Twan’t that way, at all!" screamed Simpson. "’Sall a lie!" "Yu ought er said ’Good-evenin’’ to the lady, Mistu Simpson; hit make a diffunce," drawled the man from Texas, pleasantly.

It is a repetition, sor, av an ould offince, an' I am here, sor, in this reshpicted prisence, sor, to say that the toime has come fer this Brotherhood to make its power filt!" Mr. O'Fake brought his clinched fist down upon the back of the Chair in front of him with a smart tap and looked proudly at the admiring faces of his fellow-members. Mr.