These are supplied by a very high jet which, when in action, throws its water from a reservoir to a long distance, which may even be increased by means of pipes, and thus fertilizes the field. Much of the water proceeds in the first instance from the cataracts, which begin high above the level of the meadows.

If the plant fertilizes itself without the aid of insects, as do some evening-primroses, the seed saved from the native locality may prove wholly pure, and if it does give rise to a uniform progeny the constancy of the race may be assumed to be proved, provided that repeated trials do not bring to light any exceptions.

The nights beneath tropical latitudes are very beautiful and very clear; they mysteriously prepare that beneficent dew which fertilizes a soil exposed to the rays of a cloudless sky so the inhabitants of Lima prolong their nocturnal conversations and receptions; household labors are quietly finished in the dwellings refreshed by the shadows, and the streets are soon deserted; scarcely is some pulperia still haunted by the drinkers of chica or quarapo.

"The female spider eats the male as soon as he fertilizes the eggs, but he has to just the same," said Leonard, dreamily. "Let's kill her," said Marjorie. "No." "Yes." "Why?" "She's a cannibal," said Marjorie. "No, it's her instinct," said Leonard. He opened an alleyway for the spider in the sand, and, with his head down close, watched it hustling away.

When the mating comes, the female discharges a series of small shotlike eggs which are encased in a very tenacious mucous. While they are being deposited the male fertilizes them. No sooner have the eggs, fertilized by the sperm cells, reached the water than the mucous at once begins to swell.

If a woman loves her husband and desires to keep him for herself and family, she must train herself for her many varied duties including attractiveness, which is a real duty. If she thinks that some other woman has her husband's affection, her thoughts help her to make this so. If she voices the suspicion she fertilizes the soil and aids the growth or she may crystallize and give form to rumor.

It is not in blood that races are re-invigorated and rejuvenated. Vital exhalations can issue still from the corpse of France, that of Germany will be the focus of the pestilence of Europe. A nation that has lost its ideals does not survive itself. Its death fertilizes nothing and those who breathe its fetid emanations are struck by the ill that killed it.

The northern and western portions are, however, less arid than the east and south, being watered to some distance by the streams that descend from Zagros and Elburz, and deriving fertility also from the spring rains. Some of the rivers which flow from Zagros on this side are large and strong. One, the Kizil-Uzen, reaches the Caspian. Another, the Zenderud, fertilizes a large district near Isfahan.

I remember to have heard, in some epilogue to a tragedy, that the tide of pity and of love, whilst it overwhelms, fertilizes the soul. That it may deposit the seeds of future fertilization, I believe; but some time must elapse before they germinate: on the first retiring of the tide, the prospect is barren and desolate.

We passed under the summit of Sultan Dagh, which shone out so clear and distinct in the morning sun, that I could scarcely realize its actual height above the plain. From a tremendous gorge, cleft between the two higher peaks, issued a large stream, which, divided into a hundred channels, fertilizes a wide extent of plain.