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As she passed through the sitting room on her way out, her mother would appear in the doorway, dishtowel in hand. Her pride in this slim young thing and her love of her she concealed with a thin layer of carping criticism. "Runnin' downtown again, I s'pose." A keen eye on the swishing skirt hem. Tessie, the quick-tongued, would toss the wave of shining hair that lay against either glowing cheek.

As a matter of fact, Phil knew everyone in the village, but there were hundreds of people who had driven in from the farms whom he did not know. Nor did anyone appear to recognize him. "If they only knew, wouldn't they be surprised?" chuckled the lad. "Hello, there's Mrs. Cahill." The widow was standing on her front door step with a dishtowel in one hand.

It held the table dishes neatly piled: dinner plates at the end of the middle shelf, smaller plates next, then a stack of saucers, the arrangement stereotyped, unvarying since first Lite Avery had taken dishtowel in hand to dry the dishes for Jean when she was ten and stood upon a footstool so that her elbows would be higher than the rim of the dishpan.

Robinson hung away her dishtowel; then she faced Esther. "Of course I wouldn't ask 'em; there's other ways of findin' out besides asking. I'd bring the subject round by saying I hoped there wouldn't be many duplicates, and I'd git out of 'em what they intended givin' without seemin' to." Esther looked at her mother with a sort of fascination.

Mary went into the tent, which she apparently shared with Natalie; and presently reappeared with a dishtowel. Lifting a pail of hot water from the fire, she prepared to wash the dishes. The fire was dying down, and gathering an armful of brush, she heaped it on to make a light. Too late Garth appreciated the significance of this act.

As he stood above the sink, rubbing the dishes with a damp cloth, he thought: "When I die, I should like it said of me: By his own efforts, he remained a poor man." And he stood still, the dishtowel in his hand, thinking of that wealthy iron-master, whose epitaph is said to read: Here lies a man who knew how to enlist in his service better men than himself. When the dishes were dried, Mr.

In the excess of his excitement, Phil stood up, waving his horn and yelling. She heard him as everybody else within a radius of a quarter of a mile might have and she recognized the voice. Mrs. Cahill brandished the dishtowel excitedly. "He's a fine boy," she glowed. "And he's having the first good time he's had in five years." The Widow Cahill was right.