And then: "I am going back into the Rosemary to pay my respects to Miss Virginia Carteret. Won't you come along?" "No," said Winton, more shortly than the invitation warranted; and the other went his way alone. "'Scuse me, sah; private cyah, sah." It was the porter's challenge in the vestibule of the Rosemary. Adams found a card.

Yo' go on an' do fo' 'em jes' lahk Ah was yeh. An' young Mahstah Cap'n Bev'ly, he's Little Miss's engaged-to-mahy genaman, he sais, 'Clem, ef Ah doan' neveh come back, Ah pray an' entrus' yo'-all t' cyah fo' Miss Kate an' huh Maw jes lahk Ah was yeh on th' spot. An Ah said, 'Yes, seh, an' they ain't neithah one a' them eveh did come back.

I'm a po' ole marchande des calas; mo courri 'mongs' de sojer boys to sell my cakes, you know, and da's de onyest reason why I cyah dat ah ole fool knife." She seemed to take some hope from the silence with which they heard her. Her eye brightened and her voice took a tone of excitement. "You'd oughteh tek me and put me in calaboose, an' let de law tek 'is co'se.

I do not cyah to go futheh lengths without ah a confewence with them, as I believe that pwice quite ahmple, y' know. But if I could awwange fo' an option " "You pay me twenty thousand, cash, in this room, at eight o'clock to-night, and I'll give you an option for one week at forty thousand," persisted the morose miner. "After that, the price goes up." "Fifty pehcentum down on an option!

"You cyant cyah off nothin'," she said with a sniff of mock disdain. His eyes snapped. Without a word he seized her, and notwithstanding her resistance he lifted her, and flinging her over his shoulder, as if she had been a sack of corn, stalked up the steps and into the house, where he set her down abashed and vanquished before her astonished young mistress.

Westlake, who knew that in this instance questions would have to be abandoned and the witness allowed to tell his story in his own way. "Well, Uncle Mose, you have been employed at Fair Oaks for a long time, haven't you?" "Moah dan twenty yeahs, sah, I'se had charge ob dese y'er grounds; an' mars'r Mainwaring, he t'ought nobody but ole Mose cud take cyah ob 'em, sah."