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At first it was costly to the insurgent armies, which lost their best infantrymen. But the Liberator was present everywhere, encouraging his soldiers and directing their movements. At last, the independents obtained the victory, and the royalists had to withdraw, leaving 1,000 dead and many guns. After that battle, Ceballos and Yanez had to escape to the south, to the valley of the Orinoco.

By an imprudent move on his own part, Marino was forced to meet an army superior to his own, and he was defeated. He then withdrew to Valencia, where Bolivar hastened to meet him, once more leaving the city of Puerto Cabello. There he learned that Ceballos had received reinforcements, and went to Caracas to recruit more men from a city which by now was bled white.

As other independent commanders were harassing Latorre at different points, the Spaniard had to send some of his troops to repel these attacks, and so was forced to weaken his own army. Then he placed himself on the plain of Carabobo, where Bolivar, in 1814, had defeated the royalists commanded by Cagigal and Ceballos. There he was attacked by Bolivar on June 24, 1821.

Further to the west, Ceballos, the former governor of Coro, had obliged the patriots to retreat towards Valencia, where they were besieged by him with reinforcements brought by Boves, who, after his defeat at San Mateo, had fought Marino, meeting again with disaster.

She was a stout lady and very warm from her exertions, and the more she exerted herself the more frequently the vacancies occurred; and the son, perspiring at every pore, had difficulty to fill them up with the chords, which became louder and more dashing. Countess Ceballos, with much hemming and hawing, begged me to sing.

In spite of the reinforcements, the royalists were forced to retreat when the garrison of Valencia was reduced to less than half of its former size. Marino and Bolivar met in La Victoria. The former, with an army made up of his men and some given by Bolivar, proceeded to the west to fight against Ceballos, while Bolivar went to Puerto Cabello, intending to take the city by storm.

When she asked me if I also knew Count Ceballos, the Governor General, I answered, with a sweet smile, "Of course I do." "And many other people here?" she asked, "All I think that are worth knowing," I replied, getting up and leaving the room as abruptly as she had done. It was great fun, though L thought I was rude. We went to the theater with Marquise San Carlos.

Then Bolivar, with all the men that he could summon, proceeded to San Carlos, where he found himself with 3,000 armed men ready to fight the royalists. With this army he advanced to meet Ceballos, and met him, commanding 3,500 men, near a place called Araure. The great battle of Araure was fought on the 5th of December, 1813.

DEAR M., In my last letter I told you of our invitation to the bal poudre and masque here. Count Ceballos, thinking it would amuse us to see it, arranged that we should stay at the palace, where the ball was to take place. The Captain of the Port, with his aide-de-camp, accompanied us on our trip, and as he was going there in some official capacity, we shared his honors.

Urdaneta was entrusted with the organization of the remains of the patriotic army, and Bolivar went to Valencia to obtain new reinforcements. The Governor of Coro, D. Jose Ceballos by name, succeeded in getting in touch with Yanez and the Governor of Puerto Cabello, and concerted a combined attack.