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The spirit of the "Times" was up. The voice of the many loudly condemned the incompetency of the few. The conduct of the war had now become a matter of moment, and reforms, in the marine department at least, were imperative. Captain Carden's despatch to Mr. Croker. By the fall of Gen'l. Brocke, the civil governorship of the Upper province devolved upon Major Gen'l.

General Brocke, who had prorogued his Parliament, now appeared at the seat of war. He had collected together a force of seven hundred of British regulars and militia and six hundred auxiliary Indians. And he very coolly determined upon obtaining the surrender of His Excellency, General Hull, and his whole force.

The book of the Lion is mentioned in his Retraction, and by Lidgate in the prologue to the Fall of Princes, but is now lost, as is that. De Vulcani vene, i. e. of the Brocke of Vulcan, which is likewise mentioned by Lidgate. La belle Dame sans Mercy, was translated from the French of Alain Chartier, secretary to Lewis XI, king of France.

A serious and indeed dreadful disaster, which could not be afterwards repaired, but entailed loss upon loss to the British, occurred on Lake Erie. The British provinces were indeed exposed by it to the most imminent danger. At one blow all the advantages gained by Brocke were lost.

On the 30th of September, in the same year, Lieutenant-Governor Francis Gore resigned the government into the hands of Major-General, Sir Isaac Brocke, and returned to England, Mr.

I hope it was not so verry bad as Titus says it was; for he ses as how there was a rape in the case betwixt you at furste, and plese your Honner; and my cuzzen Titus is a very honist younge man as ever brocke bred. This is his carackter; and this made me willinger to owne him for my relation, when we came to talck.

But the American government, indifferent to the menaces of the Northern Provinces of the Union, and mistaking for weakness the conciliatory advances of Sir George Prevost, soon disturbed the rest of the gallant Brocke.

This work, translated from the German, contains much new and valuable information, chiefly on mineralogy and geology. Thomson's Travels in Sweden, during the Autumn of 1812. 4to. Mineralogy, geology, satistics, and politics form the chief topics: the work is carelessly written. Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark, to the North Cape, 1820. By A. de Capell Brocke. 4to. 1823. Picturesque.

And he threatened a war of extermination if the Indians were employed in resisting the invasion. General Brocke met the Parliament of Upper Canada, at York, on the 28th of the same month, and issued a proclamation to the people, in which he ridiculed General Hull's fears of the Indians. He then despatched Colonel Proctor to assume the command at Amherstburgh, from Fort St. George.

It was when Van Rensellaer having himself crossed, and the British had been driven from their position, that General Brocke, and about six hundred of the 49th regiment, in the grey of the morning, arrived at the scene of conflict. The Americans being about the same time reinforced by the addition of regulars and militia.