"Yes, he'll be here next week to stay several days with us. Then he has to go back to the store." The Curlytops had great fun when Daddy Martin came. They showed him all over the island the cave, the place where Nicknack nearly ate up the bower-tent, the place where Ted saw the muskrat, and they even wanted him to go riding in the box-boats. "Oh, I'm afraid I'm too big!" laughed Daddy Martin.

They had pieces of wood which their grandfather had whittled out for them to use as paddles, and, as Ted said, they could sit down in the bottoms of the box-boats and never mind how much water came in, for they still had on their bathing suits. "All aboard!" called Teddy, as he got into his boat. "I'm coming," answered Janet, pushing off from shore.

"I don't know what it is," her brother answered. "But something has hold of the rope that's fast to the front part of your box, and it's as tight as anything the rope is. Something in the water is pulling you along." On each of the box-boats the Curlytops had fastened a piece of clothesline their mother had given them.

They're long, and we can make box-boats of them. There's two of 'em!" "That's what we can!" cried Teddy, as he thought of the boxes his sister meant. Groceries from the store had been sent to the camp in them. The boxes were strong, and long; big enough for Jan or Ted to sit down in them and reach over the sides to paddle, not being too high.

"He might pull you all across the lake," Janet said. "I'd like that. Come on, we'll have a race." "All right, Ted." The Curlytops began paddling their box-boats about the cove once more. Ted won the race, being older and stronger than Janet, but she did very well.

He was a good brother, for, whenever his sister did anything unusual like this he always gave her credit for it. Around and around in the little cove paddled the Curlytops, having fun in their box-boats. "I'm going to let the wind blow me," said Jan, after a bit. "I'm tired of paddling." "There isn't any wind," Ted remarked. "Well, what makes me go along, then?" asked his sister.

"Your box-boats won't float very long. They'll sink as soon as enough water runs in through the other cracks." "Oh, well, we'll paddle in them in shallow water," promised Ted. "And sinking won't hurt, 'cause we've got on our bathing suits. Come on, Jan!" Trouble wanted to sail in the new boats, also, but they were not large enough for two. Besides Mrs.