'Effusion, false Membranes'. Inspiration more and more full. 'Auscultation and Percussion. Complete absence of the respiratory murmur, with the crepitating wheezing always at the bottom of the chest; sometimes a gurgling noise. Vesicular respiration very strong in the upper region of the chest, or in the sac opposite to the effusion.

What have been their relations? I don't know. Anyway, Gévingey is in a deplorable state." "Just what seems to be the matter with him?" asked Durtal. "I positively do not know. I made a careful auscultation and examined him thoroughly. He complains of needles pricking him around the heart. I observed nervous trouble and nothing else.

This important and growing department will be represented in the ideal gymnasium of the future First, by courses, if not by a chair, devoted to the apparatus of measurements of human proportions and symmetry, with a kinesological cabinet where young men are instructed in the elements of auscultation, the use of calipers, the sphygmograph, spirometer, plethysmograph, kinesometer to plot graphic curves, compute average errors, and tables of percentile grades and in statistical methods, etc.

Few of his generation became so accomplished as he in the arts of direct exploration; coming straight from the Parisian experts, I have examined many patients with him, and have had frequent opportunities of observing his skill in percussion and auscultation. One element in his success, a trivial one compared with others, but not to be despised, was his punctuality.

Gradual and progressive disappearance of the crepitating 'rale'. Slow return of the resonance. 'Red Hepatization'. Respiration irregular and interrupted. 'Auscultation and Percussion. Circumscribed absence of the respiratory murmur, in one point, or in many distinct parts of the lung.

It is possible to recognize fracture by the use of other methods auscultation, tuning fork tests, etc., but in ordinary veterinary practice one must rely upon the sense of touch for recognition of crepitation.

In subsequent years the form of the stethoscope, as usually employed, was modified and its value augmented by a binauricular attachment, and in very recent years a further improvement has been made through application of the principle of the telephone; but the essentials of auscultation with the stethoscope were established in much detail by Laennec, and the honor must always be his of thus taking one of the longest single steps by which practical medicine has in our century acquired the right to be considered a rational science.

He then believed himself to be laboring under a tendency to consumption, not without medical warnings to that effect, although there were strong reasons for doubting the validity of the belief, which was based upon less precise grounds before the introduction of auscultation and the careful examinations of our day.

Cases of crying before delivery, some in the vagina, some just before the complete expulsion of the head from the os uteri, are very numerous in the older writers; and it is quite possible that on auscultation of the pregnant abdomen fetal sounds may have been exaggerated into cries.

She suffers from palpitation of the heart and faintness; her pulse is intermittent; she complains of nausea and dizziness. Without stethoscopic examination I cannot of course be sure whether there is anything organically wrong; but I should conclude judging as well as I can without the aid of auscultation that there was some disturbance functional disturbance of the heart." "Heart!