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Zimmermann, the Foreign Secretary, although the mental excitement caused by his elevation to the Foreign Office at a time of stress, made him go over to the advocates of ruthless submarine war, lock, stock and barrel, is nevertheless at heart a Liberal and violently opposed to a system which draws the leaders of the country from only one aristocratic class. Dr.

The process against Venero and Zimmermann was rapidly carried through, for both had made a full confession of their share in the crime.

In conversation with me, Zimmermann and the Chancellor and von Jagow all expressed the greatest regret over this incident, which shows how little control the civilian branch of the government has over the military in time of war.

Policy of electing Anjou as sovereign Commode et incommode Views of Orange Opinions at the French Court, Anjou relieves Cambray Parma besieges Tourney Brave defence by the Princess of Espinoy Honorable capitulation Anjou's courtship in England The Duke's arrival in the Netherlands Portrait of Anjou Festivities in Flushing Inauguration at Antwerp The conditions or articles subscribed to by the Duke Attempt upon the life of Orange The assassin's papers Confession of Venero Gaspar Anastro His escape Execution of Venero and Zimmermann Precarious condition of the Prince His recovery Death of the Princess Premature letters of Parma Further negotiations with Orange as to the sovereignty of Holland and Zealand Character of the revised Constitution Comparison of the positions of the Prince before and after his acceptance of the countship.

Herr Julius Zimmermann ..." and he broke into German, "es freut mich!" I could have killed him where he stood, maimed though he was, for his fluency in the American and English idiom alone. "Search him, Schmalz!" commanded Clubfoot curtly.

But the world was not to learn of it for some weeks. On the 27th of January, the Kaiser's birthday, the Chancellor, Field Marshal von Hindenburg, First Quartermaster General Ludendorf, Admirals von Capelle, von Holtzendorff and von Mueller and Secretary of State Zimmermann were invited to Great Headquarters to attend the Kaiser's birthday dinner.

But when he realised early in November that the Government was determined to renew the submarine warfare unless peace was made von Jagow was the only man in German public life who would not remain an official of the Government and bring about a break with America. Zimmermann, however, was a different type of official.

"They will be released just as soon as we learn of the fate of the German crews in American ports," said Herr Zimmermann, Foreign Secretary. Germany had already been assured that the crews were in no danger. The conviction grew that she meant to detain the Yarrowdale seamen as hostages pending a determination of the crisis as to peace or war.

The people hated Germany for the sinking of the Lusitania and all the other submarine outrages, for her crimes in Belgium, for the plots and explosions in this country, for the Zimmermann note, and finally for her direct and insulting defiance of American rights.

She then told me that she had said to Zimmermann that it was a great pity that we were to leave Berlin as it looked as if diplomatic relations between the two countries would be broken, and that Zimmermann told her not to worry about that because they had just received word from the Austrian Government that Dr.