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Her new dress was forgotten; the wreath-frames would not fit under her arm, and caused a continual minor discomfort, and the Callow seemed to be half across the country. She heard a trapped rabbit screaming somewhere, a thin anguished cry that she could not ignore. This delayed her a good deal, and in letting it out she got a large bloodstain on her dress. She cried again at this.

He wove the wet lilies, rather limp from the hot water, on to a piece of wire taken from one of his wreath-frames. So Hazel went to her bridal in a funeral wreath. She awoke very tired from the crisis yesterday, but happy.

'I mun get a new un, said Hazel. 'It unna mend. I'll go to town to-morrow. 'Shall you bide with yer auntie the night over? 'Ah. 'I shanna look for your face till I see your shadow, then. You can bring a tuthree wreath-frames. There's old Samson at the Yeath unna last long; they'll want a wreath made. Hazel sat and considered her new dress.

'I mun stay, she amended, weak in her undefended smallness, and very tired. She turned back to the fire. But the instinct that had awakened as childhood died clamoured within her and would not let her rest. She softly took off the silk dress, and put on her own. She picked up the wreath-frames with a sigh and opened the door again.

Vessons traded on this, and invariably said and did exactly what he liked. When Hazel got in, her father had finished his breakfast and was busy at work. 'Brought the wreath-frames? he asked, without looking up. 'Ah. 'He's jead at last. At the turn of the night. They came after the coffin but now. I'll be able to get them there new section crates I wanted.