So far as contact with the road is concerned it is two-wheeled; and yet, in its relation to the force of gravitation upon which its statical stability depends, it is a four or six-wheeler according to the number of the small truck-wheels with which it is fitted.

There's the new truck-wheels in the court, all ready to hold it, and the carpenters can put the hinder part to the whull, in an hour or two, and that in a way no Injin could tell the difference between it and a ra'al cannon, at ten yards."

The method of applying the rolling hoop, more particularly as regards the question whether two or four shall be used for a vehicle, will depend upon the special work to be performed. Some vehicles, however, will have only two hoops, one on each side, but several small truck-wheels running on the inside of each.

The machinery is all boxed in and the entire floor of the locomotive is above even the drivers. These six pairs of driving wheels were about seventy inches in diameter, while the diameter of the leading and following truck-wheels was but half that number of inches. Mr. Swift had turned away from the locomotive when Tom put his head out of the door again.

Unbleached cottons, worth 6 cents per yard in New York, brought 50 cents, 60 cents, 75 cents in old Monterey. Cowhide shoes were $10 per pair; the most ordinary knives and forks, $10 per dozen; poor tea, $3 per pound; truck-wheels, $75 per pair.

But there was time for neither explanation nor display of emotion. It could all be made clear and put right, later. She heard the nervous trample of hoofs on the wooden flooring, the battle of truck-wheels, the muffled sound of calling voices, and she leaned back in the gloomy cab and closed her eyes with a great sense of escape, with a sense of relief tinged with triumph.

Far into the night there was the thundering of freight rolling up and down the decks, and the ring of invisible truck-wheels. Slept by and by, and was awakened by the prolonged shriek of a steam whistle and a stream of sunlight that poured in at my state-room window. We were backing and slowing off Port Ludlow. Big sawmill close at hand.

The front train contained a regiment of men, most of whom were asleep, while the employees were repairing an accident to one of the truck-wheels of a car. They had it "jacked up," and had all the lights available, including the one from the rear of the train, to aid in their repairs.