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"What is the subject, madame, which procures me the honor of a visit from you?" he inquired. "The need I have you of you, monsieur," returned the duchesse, "as well as that which you have of me." "I am delighted, madame, with the first portion of your sentence; but, as far as the second portion is concerned " Madame de Chevreuse sat down in the armchair which M. Colbert advanced towards her.

The southern portion is said to bend round to the west, and to receive the Teoughe from the north at its northwest extremity.

They differ from the mutual companies only in the fact that, besides paying the stockholders legal interest, they receive a portion of the profits of the business, which in some cases in this country has caused the capital stock to appreciate in value over three hundred per cent, and in England over five hundred per cent.

The midshipmen's berth was somewhat confined, as, indeed, were those of the other officers, as a large portion of the space below was given up for the use of the troops. The poop cabins were devoted to the accommodation of the military officers and their families.

Where they are, they are declining, and must decline; while that portion of the tribe which is established in the west, is realizing the benefits which were expected to result from a change of position. The system of removal, however, by enrolment, is going on, and during this season about one thousand persons have passed to the west.

There had been no sign of the Indians, whose dried fish were utilised a good deal by Dan for the men's breakfast, and in good time a fresh start was made, this time with the captain one of the party, the intention being to try and mount to the highest terrace and see if there was any entrance to the central portion of the rock city from there.

'Oh, take care of the dog, my dear colonel! cried she; 'for this kind of dog seizes his enemy by the back, and shakes him to death. The officers, holding their sides, laughed, and begged no pardon; while Lord Colambre, the only person who was not absolutely incapacitated, tried to disentangle the spur, and to liberate the colonel from the goat, and the goat from the colonel; an attempt in which he at last succeeded, at the expense of a considerable portion of the goat's beard.

For good or for evil, its influence is immovable. We cannot extirpate, or even tangibly abridge its sway; the art of Æschylus and Shakspeare, of Sophocles and Racine, of Euripides and Schiller, is not to be extinguished by the reputable but contracted ideas of a limited portion of society.

Wilmot, but I will proceed, or dinner will be announced before I have finished this portion of my history." "The course adopted by Mokanna under these circumstances was such as will raise him much higher in your estimation.

But he was a very personable young man; and so thought the bride-maids and Miss Betsey herself. The mint-master also was pleased with his new son-in-law; especially as he had courted Miss Betsey out of pure love, and had said nothing at all about her portion.