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The whole lower deck was complimentin' Glass, 'oo took it very meek. 'E is a good actor, for all 'e's a leatherneck. "'Now, said the old man, 'we must turn over Antonio. He's in what I have 'eard called one perspirin' funk. "Of course, I'm tellin' it slow, but it all 'appened much quicker.

Then it sure was liftin'. Then it lifted good. D'you know why? Our four naked perspirin' souls was out there underneath her, hikin' her heavens high. Yes, sir. We did it!... And that lamp kept liftin' and liftin'. Then she side-slipped! My God, she side-slipped twice, which was what I'd been afraid of all along!

But for some reason there was a long wait, and first thing we knew there was Robertson coming toward us, his face red and perspirin' and his collar wilted. "He rushes up to us, and leans over and whispers: "'Say, Reddy, he says, 'you can help us out if you want to. We're shy an entrant.

The feller that loaned 'em to me kindly explained that you slid down the hills on 'em, and it was great sport. When I clumb the first hill and stood perspirin' on top I felt entitled to a little sport. 'Hooray! says I, and pushed loose. It was a long, wide, high hill with trees and things on it.

And if yo' cud stay and marry me and civilize me, I'd try to brush up and be a decenter man than I ever war; leastways, I'd clar ev'ry rock and thorn outer yer path. "Do yo' b'lieve it, Jim, I wus perspirin' wus'n ther buckskin stallion did when yo'got thro' with him that fust mornin', and was tremblin' like a sick gal.

'I'll put 'em on, Sir, in your very presence, says 'Op, 'only 'ear my prayer, or words to that 'fect.... It was jus' the same with me when I called our Sergeant a bladder-bellied, lard-'eaded, perspirin' pension-cheater. They on'y put on the charge-sheet 'words to that effect, Spoiled the 'ole 'fect." "'Op! 'Op! 'Op! What about 'Op?" thundered Pyecroft. "'Op? Oh, shame thing.

Carteret-Jones, it might be disrespect for me to repeat it, Sir." "Go ahead," I heard the boy chuckle. "'Do? 'e says. 'I'd rub the young blighter's nose into it till I made a perishin' man of him, or a perspirin' pillow-case, 'e says, 'which, he adds, 'is forty per cent, more than he is at present.