"Just after the nooning," said the Muggletonian, and began to curse. Margery stood up, her staff in her hand, and said airily, "Margery must be going. The sun is growing large and red, and when he has slipped away behind the woods, the voices will begin to call to Margery from the hollow where the brook falls into the black pool. She must be there to answer them."

Cursed may she be, and cursed those who give her shelter and food and raiment and lay offerings at her door, for surely it is written, 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." "Is there anything a Muggletonian will not curse?" asked Landless. "Yea," answered the other complacently. "There are ourselves, the salt of the earth. There are a thousand or more of us."

You know what you have to expect if you are taken." Sir Charles, followed by Landless, the Muggletonian and some three or four others, entered the great room, which, with the master's room, occupied that side of the house allotted to the baronet. The wax candles still burned upon the spinet, and upon the high mantel, and in the middle of the floor lay the overturned chess table.

This may be, if your painter, as many of them do, affect the antique; but if he be another sort of guess person, it may be worse still with you. You may not have to make your bow to a Venus Anadyomene but how will you be able to face the whole Muggletonian synod?

The youth covered the page with one enormous paw and playfully attempted to insert the little finger of the other into the hole in Porringer's ear. "What now, old Runaway," he said, lazily, "hunting up fresh curses to pour on our unfort'net heads?" "Cursed be he who makes a mock of age," said the Muggletonian, grimly.

They worked without speaking until they had nearly reached the end of the long double row, when said the Muggletonian: "You are too young, I take it, to have seen service in the wars?" "I fought at Worcester." "Upon which side?" "The Commonwealth's." "I thought as much. Humph!

If I, the Professor, will only give in to the Muggletonian doctrine, there shall be no question through all that persuasion that I am competent to judge of that doctrine; nay, I shall be quoted as evidence of its truth, while I live, and cited, after I am dead, as testimony in its behalf; but if I utter any ever so slight Anti-Muggletonian sentiment, then I become incompetent to form any opinion on the matter.

The men gathered around her, with the exception of the Muggletonian, who, after audibly comparing her to the Witch of Endor, turned on his side and drew his cap over his eyes as if to shut out the hated sight. The convict took up the staff and began to pull from it the strings of ivy. "Put it down!" she said quickly. The man continued to strip it of its leafy mantle.

As late as 1846 an elaborate index to the Muggletonian writings was issued, and the Divine Songs of the Muggletonians, written exclusively by believers, show that there has been a strange continuity of composition among them, and that, too, such composition as ordinary mortals have never known the like of. Yet Muggleton never broke forth into verse.

It was still so dark that they could tell nothing more than that it held one man. "Now, who is that?" said the Muggletonian. "And what has he been doing up that creek?" "Hail him," Landless replied. Porringer sent a low halloo across the water, but if the man heard he made no sign.