He leaped to the ground, lifted his hat to the older man, and, turning, strode very swiftly, as if to make up for lost time, back toward the castle gate. McTavish was kept waiting a long time while a servant took his letter of introduction to Miss MacNish, and brought back an answer from the castle.

She tore it hastily into little pieces. "Miss MacNish," said McTavish, somewhat hurt, "it is evident that I give diametrically opposed impressions to you and your sister. Either she has said something nice about me, and you, seeing me, are astonished that she should; or she has said something horrid about me I do hope it's that way and you are even more surprised.

If, an hour before sitting down to drink, you take a grain or two of opium, you will be able to withstand a much greater quantity than otherwise of liquor. This fact has escaped the observation of Macnish. Some stupid people suppose that imagination and philosophy are incompatible. Blockheads! Was not Bacon, the greatest of philosophers, one of the most imaginative of men?

Nevis, "it will not be for to-day. She is leaving within the hour for Beem-Tay in her motor-car." "Oh, then I shall follow her to Beem-Tay." "If you can do that," said Mrs. Nevis, "I will give you a line to my sister. Maybe she could help you. She's the housekeeper at Beem-Tay Miss MacNish is her name." And she added as if by an after-thought. "We are twins."

"The Scotch Scot," said McTavish, "is shrewd, but cautious. The American Scot is shrewd, but daring. Caution, you'll admit, is a pitiful measure in an affair of the heart." Miss MacNish was by this time somewhat recovered from her consternation. "Well," said she, "what then?

"But you told me" Miss MacNish looked thoroughly puzzled "you told me just what you were going to say to her. You said it was all predestined." "Miss MacNish, it was not Miss McTavish I was thinking of I'm sure it wasn't. It was you." "Are you proposing to me?" she asked. "Of course, I am.

A vast amount of disease colds, rheumatism, fever and consumption is generated or aggravated in this way. What I have here said of the conditions of sleep, is sustained, as I have already informed the reader, by high authority; I mean that of Macnish.

Macnish says, "there can be no doubt that a gentle current pervading our sleeping apartments, is in the highest degree ESSENTIAL TO HEALTH." The utility of rising early, I hope no one can doubt; but some have doubts of the propriety of going abroad, till the dew has "passed away."

"Just because," he said, "you've never heard of a thing, away off here in your wild Highlands, is a mighty poor proof that it doesn't exist. I suppose you don't believe in predestination. I've always known," he said grandly, "that I should marry my cousin even against her will and better judgment. You don't more than half believe me, do you?" "Well, not more than half," Miss MacNish smiled.

I will not refer to the writings of the older authors, such as Rush, in America; Hutchison, Macnish, Carpenter, and others, in England; Huss and Dahl, in Sweden; Ramaer, in Holland; Esquirol, Pinel Brierre de Boismont, Morel, and others, in France; Flemming, Jameson, Roller, Griesinger, and others, in Germany.