She preceded them into the low-ceilinged parlour, with the horsehair-covered sofa and the Family Bible on the little table in the window, that had been a haven to so many faint-hearted ones during the past two years. "Ye'll have heard the news?" she asked. "There's been an action. Mrs. Thatcher's man's gone down, and Mrs. Gascoigne, she's awa' to bring her a bit comfort like."

There were no ornaments except some fine old brass: solid chairs and a low, wide-seated sofa, and books everywhere. "The shape of the room is delightfully unusual. It is long and rather low-ceilinged, and one end comes almost to a point like the bow of a ship.

The slope is fatal: who crosses the brink can no longer escape the murderer. Head first, the Cicada dives into the abyss, down which the spoiler drags her by successive jerks. She is drawn into the low-ceilinged tunnel. Here the wings cease to flutter, for lack of space. She reaches the knacker's cellar, at the end of the corridor.

"Snatching up a candle, she hurried below and holding the light above her head, surveyed the low-ceilinged cellar keenly. "'I see nothing, murmured the girl. 'But surely there is something here. It could not have been in the equipment that the Germans carried away with them, for they searched the Captain's belongings and found nothing. That I plainly saw with my own eyes.

As Dick read the date, he gave a start. "Why, they'll be here tomorrow afternoon," throbbed Prescott. Then and there Prescott stood up in the low-ceilinged tent and tossed his campaign hat up to the ridgepole. That piece of headgear didn't have far to travel, but Dick accompanied it with an "hurrah!" uttered almost under his breath. "Won't Greg be the tickled boy!" murmured Prescott; joyously.

It was long and narrow, and low-ceilinged, and very plainly furnished. There was the bed in the centre, a low, curtainless bed, and on it, pale, thin, and shadowy, lay Grace's brother, as he had lain for many weary weeks. He was asleep now, deeply, heavily, tossing no longer in the wild delirium of brain-fever, as he had tossed for so many interminable days and nights.

A layer of the same paste divides the bottom of the chamber from the low-ceilinged gallery, the work of the grub's active life. Lastly, the magnifying-glass reveals upon the walls of the cell a tapestry of woody fibres, very finely divided, standing erect and closely shorn, so as to make a sort of velvet pile.

They were sitting, after luncheon, in the low-ceilinged drawing-room to which Undine had adapted her usual background of cushions, bric-a-brac and flowers since one must make one's setting "home-like," however little one's habits happened to correspond with that particular effect.

"To that money a right I have!" They were facing each other in the low-ceilinged, dim, badly-lit bedroom. The stranger grew very red. "Look here!" he said conciliatingly; he was really in a great hurry to get away. "I promise to send you this money to-night, Mrs. Bauer. You can trust me. I have not got it on me, truly. You may search me if you like."

I am asking you. Be nice, don't refuse; what does it matter? What does money matter to me? It comes in so fast that I don't know what to do with it." It was at the end of the season, and there were not many people in the low-ceilinged dining-room. All the waiters knew Evelyn, and she was conducted ceremoniously to a table.