August Roeckel became his assistant at the theatre and a close personal friend; he had Heine, Fischer, Uhlig and others amongst his intimates; and by what was undoubtedly the most artistic section of the community he was made much of. The Liedertafel chose him as its first Liedermeister.

For the Liedertafel he wrote the Love-feast of the Apostles, which was performed on July 6 of this year with, so far as one can judge, immense effect and success. The pious press-men were, of course, scandalized by his very secular treatment of a sacred subject; they expected, or at least asked for, a Mendelssohnian psalm and they would have grumbled even had they got it.

Herr Ehrenreich, the wholesale merchant, drank to the health of the creator of theHarzreise”; the Count to the ladies present. Herr Carovius created a sensation. He sat with the members of theLiedertafel”; they had sung in the chorus; and they were ashamed of him, for he conducted himself in a most unseemly fashion.

It is a clever imitation of the Wagnerian manner, except as regards the choruses, which scarcely rise above the standard of the Liedertafel; but neither at its production nor at an elaborate revival, which took place at Würzburg a few years ago, did it meet with more than a succès d'estime. There seems to be better work in 'Eulenspiegel, a comic opera founded upon Kotzebue's comedy.

In 1890 he went to Munich, where he studied the organ and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, under Rheinberger, and the violin under Hieber. He now decided to give up the career of a violinist for that of composer, conductor, and organist. In 1893 he returned to Boston and acted as organist. A year later he went to Buffalo, where for three years he directed the Liedertafel.

Liszt was then staying at the island of Nonneworth, near Bonn, and a musical society, the Liedertafel, resolved to escort him up to Cologne with due pomp, and so made a grand excursion with a great company of invited guests on a steamboat hired for the purpose.

This representation took place at a festival of the Künstler Liedertafel of Düsseldorf in 1863, also in London. Eine schöne Menschenseele finden ist Gewinn. Beethoven did not have the faculty of teaching except in rare instances.

Beyond, a noisy meeting of Socialists, a rehearsal of some liedertafel, a family reunion of four generations, a beer party of gay young bloods from the gas works, a conference of the executive committee of the horse butchers' union. Every second drinker has brought his lunch wrapped in newspaper; half a blutwurst, two radishes, an onion, a heel of rye bread.